Tips to know someone who is not serious in a relationship

Knowing someone who is not serious in a relationship – Someone who has a kinship does not necessarily have a relationship with seriousness. There are some of them who establish a relationship for certain reasons such as just looking for fun, just as a status so that it doesn’t say they don’t have a boyfriend or for other purposes. Of course, for those of you who want to establish a serious relationship, of course you don’t want to have a relationship with someone who has this goal, right?

Of course you don’t want to be hurt by people like this, don’t you, unless you also build a relationship for some reason. Well this time I will share a few tips on how to know someone who is in a relationship that is not serious as quoted from the Daily Love site. Here are tips to know someone who is not serious in a relationship:

Knowing someone who is not serious in a relationship

He is someone who keeps his private life closed
Someone who is not serious in establishing kinship or has certain reasons in establishing a kinship is usually someone who is very secretive. They do not want their partner to know too much about their private life, this is done to cover up everything they are hiding from you. He will not allow you as his girlfriend to open a laptop, cellphone, facebook account, fuel or anything about themselves.

They also don’t want you to get to know themselves too well, perhaps by not allowing you to get too close to their friends. Someone who seriously loves you will actually feel happy to introduce yourself to their friends and even family members.

He is also not very interested in your life
Just like the point above that someone who is not serious about having a relationship will not open up to his personal life and vice versa they also don’t want to know much about your personal life. So they will look more indifferent, but that doesn’t mean cold people can’t love you. But you can tell the difference between coldness and someone’s ignorance of your life.

He cares more about personal things
Someone who is not serious in establishing a relationship will be more concerned with their fun or exclusive things such as being more concerned with playing together with their friends than you, more concerned with carrying out their hobbies than listening to your complaints.

He will lie more
Lying in a relationship may be a reasonable thing to do but if he lies too often about anything in your relationship maybe you need to be suspicious of this, lying too much in a relationship can be a sign he is not serious about your relationship.

He will be easily angry and selfish
Yes, someone who is not serious in relationships will look more selfish and they will get angry easily if things don’t go as they need. Most people who are serious about being in a relationship will give up a lot for the sake of the integrity of a relationship, but if he looks selfish, gets angry quickly even if it’s his fault and he doesn’t want to be blamed then you should be suspicious.

So, those are some tips on how to know someone’s seriousness in a relationship, so if you have exclusive experience about related articles, please share your experience in the comment box provided and share your experience with thousands of readers of this blog, thank you.