Tips to make your partner smile again when a fight occurs

In every kinship, there will certainly be no such thing as disputes, differences of opinion, quarrels or debates. It is a reasonable thing if as long as the quarrel is not allowed to grow and become a spice in living an increasingly mature relationship. It’s very strange, a kinship that is plate-like, there are no ups and downs, flat and resembles a lack of colorful relationships. Anger, annoyed, resentful, quarrels are reasonable things to happen and become commonplace in a relationship because the logic of kinship is built from differences, uniting 2 different thoughts and making them in line without having to be forced to think the same.

Well this time I will develop a few tips on how to make your partner smile again when the two of you are fighting, arguing or having disagreements. Of course, we all want that every fight in the kinship will be resolved immediately without waiting for it to get bigger, which is certainly not good in living a relationship. Well here’s a simple trick how to make your partner smile again when an argument or debate occurs:

The first tip is to apologize to your partner, by apologizing is the perfect way to stop a dispute or argument and make the argument not escalate into a serious problem in your relationship. There is no need to wait for your partner to apologize even though you know that the fault lies with your partner, fights usually occur because neither party wants to admit mistakes, so arguments arise. Apologize in a different and exclusive way without using social media or over the phone. Come to your partner, bring flowers or chocolates then apologize, “Honey maybe I haven’t been able to be a good partner for you, for that I’m sorry”, I’m sure your partner will soon forgive you and return a nice smile to you.

Provide relevant appeal
The most unbearable thing for someone to immediately smile again and forget the fight is when they are seduced, especially for a woman. Most women can’t stand their anger when they get seduction from their partner. So when a fight or argument occurs, apologize immediately and seduce him with relevant appeals. Relevant is seduction that is appropriate to the circumstances or conditions, don’t seem too fussy. Seductions such as “Honey I can’t keep fighting or getting angry like this, anyways if you’re angry I can’t see your smile that misses it”.

Give a surprise
Another tip on how to make your partner smile again when an argument or argument occurs is to give him a surprise. Surprises like a cooklat, a bunch of flowers or preparing dinner for him or if you can’t cook invite him to eat at his favorite place, this will make him smile again at you.

Listen and don’t interrupt
Quarrels or debates occur because each party does not want to be blamed, does not want to lose and feels right with his own opinion. well when an argument or argument occurs listen and don’t interrupt the conversation or the debate will get bigger. If he has concluded with his opinion then you give your opinion, and if he doesn’t want to accept your opinion, maybe you need more time on another occasion to give your opinion when everyone has calmed down.

Humor is an effective remedy to relieve tension. Indeed, not everyone can be funny, but jokes that make him comfortable will re-evoke the couple’s mood when an argument occurs. But it must be remembered not to joke when the couple is “hot” or the debate will escalate. wait until the conditions are a bit peaceful and you can say funny words that make him feel comfortable again.