Tips to Motivate Yourself When Someone Leaves You

Tips to motivate yourself when you love the wrong person One of the things that can make us all down is when our hearts are broken. Heartbreak or being abandoned by a loved one is indeed a painful thing. Moreover, there are too many beautiful memories, a long enough time together, time, energy, thoughts and so on. Realizing that it turns out that at this time your relationship has broken up or has been abandoned by a loved one is painful.

Parting may not be the thing that saddens you the most. But, the fact that he is not the perfect person for you is the most heartbreaking thing. And the most painful thing is when the relationship has ended badly but it’s because of a third party or his attitude that seems to make you feel that you are the person he doesn’t want anymore. This will make you even more miserable hehehe…

So it makes sense that when a breakup occurs it will make you miserable, down, stressed or at the lowest point and it is difficult to move on. (read also fast way to move on). You are prohibited from being too down, languishing or down. It’s very difficult to wake up from this (at least from my personal experience hehehe…) but there are some valuable lessons that you can take when the breakup occurs. So here are some things that can motivate you to wake up from adversity when someone leaves you:

But you have to remember that life is like a spinning wheel, it is not always at its lowest point. If you pedal harder, then he can come back up. There is no need to forever curse the experience of falling in the wrong love, let alone think you are stupid. Precisely from that unpleasant experience, you can learn many lessons that will lead you not to fall in the same hole.

Realize to appreciate yourself more
Someone who is in love with anything will be given to make a partner happy, be it time, energy, thoughts and even material things. So it makes sense when your partner leaves you it will create regret and make you blame yourself and your impression Failed to move on. When you start thinking like that, then immediately throw it away from your mind. The departure of the wrong love from your life is precisely something you should be grateful for. It means that the person who left you didn’t really love you, as evidenced by the fact that he left you.

Motivate yourself by stopping blaming and lamenting but thinking that he is a person who is not lucky enough to spend the rest of your life with you, even one day you will find someone who is better than him and can get all your weaknesses and strengths. So from now on, respect yourself. Respecting yourself is the main key you can quickly wake up from adversity. Appreciating yourself can start by giving yourself the opportunity to feel happy.

By letting go & forgiving people who have left you is one of the things you can do to wake up from the failure of this relationship. Read also how to forget your ex.

Experience makes you more influential & introspective
A person who learns to ride a bicycle will surely fall many times before they can use the bicycle. It’s impossible to personally try, they need to fall painfully before they can, and when they can they will be more influential when they fall again. Experience will make us more influential if we can learn from that experience. Likewise in love relationships. You will be able to take every valuable lesson from your experience.

Every time you make a mistake or carelessness, which makes you fail in building relationships, you should continue to be introspective. Rethink what wrong steps you have taken and revise those mistakes or carelessness so that you can do better in the future. Instead of you lamenting and blaming life for someone who left you, it would be better to be a lesson to continue your life so that the future is better, so you don’t make the wrong decision a second time. Experiences such as falling in the wrong love also make you more sensitive to distinguish, which partners are serious and which ones just want to play games again or just take advantage of you.

Experience will make you listen to others
Still when you are in love, you will not open your senses of hearing when someone else is advising you about the life of your partner, be it your friends or family. I’ve even heard the saying that “the most futile job is advising people who are in love” and it’s true. well when this bad experience occurs then you will listen more to the opinions or messages implied by other people.

Julybe in the past when you were in love with him, you didn’t heed any advice from friends or family. You just want to hear what you want to hear about him. You close your ears if you hear bad comments about it. You just want to be perceived as trusting him more than anyone else. remember that when there is an implied message from them that tends to be unpleasant, it means they are very worried about you and don’t want bad incidents to happen to you.

Learn to get more & give up
Sweet memories, time, energy or thoughts that have happened you can’t repeat exactly the same as incidents that have passed. Realizing this will get you into the situation. You will begin to learn to let go, that he is not the best to fight for. if you can’t get it and let it go it will only waste your energy so you will only be more down, miserable and fail to get up. Keeping him who is not worth fighting for will only waste your time. You certainly don’t want the best part of you to be shared with the wrong people. The perfect people to accompany you to death are those who want to share everything with you selflessly. You can read the following article Love is not limited by distance & time.

Makes you more independent
Julybe when you still have a partner you will be very dependent on other people (partners) to carry out your activities such as asking him to take you to campus, shopping, going to friends’ places, on vacation, etc. Now when this bad experience occurs then there is no reason not to be more independent. Loneliness is no longer a reason for you to continue to sink. On the other hand, being alone makes you more independent. Things that you couldn’t do on your own, now you have to do it or not. After he left, life must go on, right? That’s why you should be able to move on with your life alone.

Motivate you to live better
Now being left by someone you love should be proof that you can live more independently, can live a better and successful life and prove to those who left you that you can be more successful and happy even without those who leave you.