Tips to Overcome Easily Tired, Tired & Unmotivated

When the body is easily tired, tired, lethargic of course makes us not eager to do something and vice versa when we are not excited to do something then our body is easily tired and tired. Fatigue and fatigue can be caused by many factors such as routine activities or health problems.

Fatigue is a common complaint that occurs especially after entering middle age. But what if you feel easily tired, tired, and unmotivated even though you are in good shape and not doing tiring activities?

Here are some simple tips and ways to increase energy, so you will be more energized and prevent fatigue and fatigue.

Increase Energy & Prevent Practical Fatigue

Check your health
Practically tired, tired and unmotivated can be caused by health problems. Fatigue is a common sign of many ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, anemia, thyroid disease, and sleep apnea or a sign of sleep disorders. Talk to your doctor and have a health check, if you feel tired or tired easily because it may be caused by a health problem in your body. The body is tired, tired easily tired can also be caused by the healing period as well as the consumption of certain drugs. Many drugs can cause fatigue. Some drugs such as blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, diuretics, and certain other drugs can cause the body to feel tired or tired easily.

Physical exercise or sports
Exercising does make you feel tired, that’s because it is not done regularly or regularly. But if you exercise regularly and regularly it will actually increase your energy which means it will prevent fatigue and fatigue. Many studies show that physical activity increases energy levels. “Exercise is consistently associated with increased strength and overall quality of life,” says Kerry J. Stewart, associate professor of medicine and executive clinical and research exercise physiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“People who are physically active have a greater sense of confidence and enthusiasm. Exercising regularly also increases the efficiency of the heart, lungs, and muscle mass,” says Stewart. “That’s equivalent to increasing the fuel efficiency of a car. It gives you more energy for all kinds of activities.” So make sure to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes each day.

Relaxation techniques
Many studies show that some relaxation exercises can increase energy and make you more energized. Some relaxation exercises such as tai-chi, yoga, meditation are very effective for increasing energy. In a British study reported an increase in mind that is more resistant to stress, increased energy, and self-confidence after six weeks of attending a yoga class once a week, volunteers. Researchers from the University of Oregon conducted a study of 135 men and women ages 65 to 85 to practice yoga. At the end of six months, participants reported an increase in their overall self-confidence, enthusiasm and energy boost.

Consumption of water
Dehydration has been shown to impair performance not only physically but also mentally. Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body is proven to make a person easily tired, tired, lethargic, unfocused and uninspired. “Our research shows that loss of body fluids makes it more difficult for athletes to complete weightlifting exercises,” says Dan Judelson, PhD, adjunct professor of kinesiology at California State University at Fullerton. “It’s reasonable to think that fluid loss causes fatigue even for people who don’t have strenuous activities.” Dehydration has also been shown to decrease focus and concentration.

How to know you are losing body fluids and lack of body fluids? “Urine should be clear or pale yellow in color,” says Judelson. “If it’s darker than that, you need to drink water.” Many medical experts suggest to prevent loss of body fluids at least a person should drink 8-9 glasses of white water or the equivalent of 1.5 L of water per day.

Get enough rest or go to bed early.
Lack of sleep increases the risk of fatigue, lethargy, lack of enthusiasm and is one of the main causes of daytime fatigue. The solution: Get to bed early enough to get a good quality night’s sleep. A study conducted by Stanford University in 2004 showed that people who get enough and quality sleep are more energized and less fatigued. Good sleep habits also have important health benefits.

Eat lots of good fatty acids
So, if you are already exercising regularly, have consumed a lot of water, get good quality sleep, but you are still tired, tired and uninspired, you may not get certain nutritional needs. Good nutrition to prevent easy fatigue and fatigue is good fatty acids or omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for your heart, omega-3 can also improve concentration and focus. According to a 2009 study by scientists at Italy’s University of Siena, volunteers who took fish oil capsules for 21 days showed faster mental reaction times. They also reported feeling more influential and energized.

Weight loss
Too much body weight causes fatigue and fatigue. An ideal body weight can provide a powerful energy boost, says Stewart, of Johns Hopkins University. Even a small reduction in body fat improves mood, morale, and quality of life. Most weight loss professionals recommend maintaining smaller but more nutritious meals, eating a balanced diet, and increasing physical activity.