Tips To Pay Attention To For Registering Google Adsense

Sign up for google adsense – Google adsense is Google’s CPC (cost per click) system of advertising activity network. This advertising network uses a CPC (cost per click) system or it can also be PPC (pay per click) which means we will be paid if a blog visitor clicks on a valid ad on the ad that is displayed. Google adsense is still the prima donna of adsense in Indonesia and even in the world. Ads displayed on blogs have high relevance according to keywords or niche pages that are read by users.

Signing up for Google Adsense and being fully approved is not too difficult, it’s just that many bloggers have difficulty knowing tricks and tips on how to register their blog to Google Adsense. What needs to be considered is whether or not a website or blog is eligible to be accepted by Google Adsense. If your blog is worthy and meets the standards set by Google then there is no reason for Google not to get your blog. Here are tips that you need to consider before registering your blog to Google Adsense.

Make sure before you sign up for Google Adsense

Your blog must be of high quality
Like Google’s vision and mission of “providing benefits to users”. Then your blog must also have a mission like that, your blog content must have benefits for your readers. Useful can be in any way such as helping to show tutorials, providing the right information, sharing a pleasant personal experience, basically useful, it doesn’t have to be “wow” but provides benefits for visitors from small things.

Quality is also seen from frequent updates so Google will consider your blog to be serious in publishing articles, at least 3 articles / week based on SEO experts.

Quality also means that your blog content must be original, unique, no copy paste, duplicate content, writing theft, what you need to know is that Google has a very effective crawl engine to capture blog content that is not original, so if your blog content is the result of copy paste or even overall duplicate content then forget Google adsense, even though your blog rank and traffic is high. If you are still interested then edit or delete your blog content that contains copy paste or copyright. and we need to remember that respecting the work of others is the way we value our own work.

The older the wiser the wiser, well that saying is true, it is also included in this Google Adsense. try to think about why blogs must be at least 6 months old for a free domain and why must it be 3 months old for a self domain? Here’s a quote I quote from Matt Cutt, a chief software engineer at Google, and something like this. “We don’t require blogs to be old to be our friends, but we do make sure blogs that are at least 6 months old need more quality and rich content and we think it will sustain more unique visitors”. Well, right again, back to the quality of the blog, indeed the quality of the blog is the main key for you to get a lot of visitors and also Google Adsense is fully approved.

Google has a goal to show the content of blogs and websites indexed in its search engine useful for internet users. Likewise, Google will get a blog or website for advertising if the website is of high quality and worthy of being a publisher.

Your blog is easy to navigate
Navigation in easy language “run” that means users are easy to use or run all the supporting tools on your blog. Blog navigation can cover many things but I will explain the important ones as follows:

Templates that are light and not heavy when loaded, you can avoid this to cut image sizes that are too large, don’t use heavy javascript or widgets, besides javascript or jquerry or HTML code that is not very useful to prevent search engine crawls from crawling content us, now this is what is often experienced by prospective publishers who often fail or are rejected in the second review.

Having a visitor page & navigation, it means you must have the essential widgets that are really needed such as popular entries, recent articles, navigation menus. Also make sure you have a supporting page such as a sitemap (table of contents not a sitemap for webmasters) contact us, about, terms and conditions as well as a disclaimer so that Google considers your blog to pay attention to your visitors.

Blogs are connected with webmasters and analytics. It aims to make it easier for you to pay attention to and manage your blog properly, such as paying attention to site health, submitting a webmaster sitemap and you will quickly find out if your blog has problems.

Well, that’s all I can say together, there are still many more but my hands are tired of typing hehehehe, please comment and I will answer it or contact us directly via the contact us page, I will gladly answer your questions.