Tokopedia System Errors That Often Occur

During my time using Tokopedia, some interesting and bad things have happened. While most of them are interesting things, there is one bad experience on the site e-commerce. the. That is a mistake from the system side.

This not only happened to me, but from the searches I did, there were a lot of users who were worried because of the error of this system. And the severity of this problem has occurred since several years ago, and until now there is still no improvement at all.

I made this article as a review regarding the errors in the Tokopedia system which are quite severe. Which of these can damage a person’s reputation. One example is the error in give offense to the Tokopedia account when using certain promos.

Nothing is perfect, even for the Tokopedia system. Although every transaction goes through a strict verification system against violations, in fact it is not 100% accurate. Because this mistake has happened to me for a long time 2 times.

Brief story, I buy credit 50 thousand using promo 10 thousand discount available on that day. However, after the payment is successful, the Tokopedia system immediately cancels the transaction and sends a message in the email that I have violated the promo because I already have another account that has made the same transaction.

Tokopedia Promo Violation Message in Email

Of course I was immediately stunned after seeing the message. Because I felt I didn’t violate, I immediately made a complaint at the Tokopedia Help Center. Although a few moments later my balance wasrefund, however, the Tokopedia support said that I have a dual account. Here’s the message:

Tokopedia considers users to have multiple accounts

I became increasingly suspicious of who Yosef was listed in the message, because 100% I did not know the name and information provided. So I said back to Tokopedia that I only have one account and have no connection to the account named Yosef.

KTP Verification Due to Errors in the Tokopedia System

Continuing from the complaint process, Tokopedia support asked me to upload a photo of my ID card to know that the account I am currently using is really private. So I sent a photo of my ID at that time to provide solid evidence.

After a few minutes, a message came in, in which I had to wait for the investigation team to carry out further checks.

After 1 day of waiting, finally another message came in from the investigation team saying that I can trade again using the currently available promo. Here’s the message:

The problem is finished

Although case this counts clearbut unfortunately the discount promo that I used yesterday has expired and can’t be used anymore.

One month later after being freed from slander by the Tokopedia system, I finally got a similar problem. And worse, this always happens when buying credit. But this time I did not use a discount promo, but a cashback promo.

The credit I bought has arrived, but I get an email message that cashback has been cancelled for violating Tokopedia’s terms and conditions. Again I was accused by the Tokopedia system that I had another account.

But this time not named Yosef, but named Nur Huda. Of course I’m very upset with bugs this system, so I have to make a complaint again to improve the good name of my account.

Tokopedia System Accuses Against Violations

Get Cashback After Long Explaining

Almost the same as before, where this problem took 2 days in total to solve. During that time, it was actually a long process of checking from the investigation team, and I asked them to check the previous ticket number, where I had uploaded a photo of my ID card before.

And in the end I get a notification that my account has received cashback:

Cashback has been successfully received

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From this, it can be judged that the actual Tokopedia system needs improvement so as not to accuse people at will. If the accusation is true, there will be no problem, but if it continues to be wrong like I experienced, it will certainly disturb the users.

So that was my worst experience using Tokopedia, which was being accused by a system. So if you experience it too, it’s best to make a complaint to Tokopedia support to justify the problem.

This bad thing does not mean I hate Tokopedia, because on the other hand I also have the best experience which has been widely shared on Blog Second. Hopefully in the future this system error will be corrected immediately so that it will not disturb more users.

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