Too Shy, Here Are Tips & How To Overcome It!

Tips to reduce disgrace (confident) – When we are disgraceful for doing evil to others, when it is disgrace for corruption, it is disgrace for things that violate norms and laws, it is a good thing. But when we become too shy (not confident) it will limit us from positive actions and behaviors. Shame is a negative feeling that arises in a person as a result of self-awareness regarding the bad treatment done by himself, but if the feeling of shame arises for no apparent reason, and does not take actions that should not be done, of course this will be very disturbing. you to interact with people around you.

Too shy in the sense of not believing in your own abilities will clearly limit the good things we will do. Meanwhile, based on the grammar of shame based on Wikipedia, it is a form of human emotion in terms, statements, or conditions experienced by humans as a result of an action they have done before, or a fear of doing something and then wanting to cover it up. People with disgrace naturally want to hide from others because they feel uncomfortable if their actions are known by others or what they want to do is not what other people want.

We often call this sudden feeling of disgrace with insecurity, whether it’s to meet new acquaintances, read a presentation in front of an audience, nervous, nervous or when in the middle of a crowd and so on. How to deal with these feelings? Here are some ways to overcome disgrace:

No need to do things that are judged according to other people’s standards
Disgrace will arise when we do something that is considered not to meet the standards of others. Do what you think is right, believe in your own abilities and don’t have to present things in the hope that they will meet the standards set by others.

Stop obsessing about perfection.
Perfection only belongs to God and we as ordinary people will be far from perfect. So if you make mistakes, have shortcomings that might make you insecure or disgraceful, then think that you are just an ordinary person who cannot escape mistakes. Just do good things, don’t be too obsessed with doing everything perfectly. Daydreaming about yourself should be like this, or if I were. It will actually make you sink in it, you will feel very tormented when you realize you are not as perfect as you imagined.

Think before speaking or doing something
One of the things that makes us disgrace is when we make mistakes or don’t look perfect. So, think before you speak or do anything, whether that action is right or wrong and will not make you disgrace later, such as speaking style or so on, moreover this action is for the people around you who you meet every day.

By socializing and interacting with many people it will grow your self-confidence. Getting to know and having lots of friends who are connected to you with the various characters they have is a powerful way to overcome your shyness. If you rarely hang out with many people or just sit quietly at home then you will become too shy to interact with many people.

Think positively
Confidence is awakened from positive thoughts, if there are bad things in your flow, of course this will affect your feelings, like will I be accepted if I join? I’m a bad person, I don’t deserve to hang out with them. Throw away such a flow, of course all humans are created on this earth as chosen beings who have their respective advantages and disadvantages, it is appropriate that you as a chosen creature do not feel inferior like that, maybe they are given the advantage of being elegant or handsome, but you certainly have advantages they don’t have.