Transfer Event Get 100 Thousand Shopee – As one of the leading marketplaces in Indonesia, Shopee often holds various interesting events for its loyal users. And, one of the new events of this application is the transfer to get 100 thousand Shopee.

Shopee transfer to get 100 thousand is part of the Shopee Mantul Sale event which is often held by related parties every month. With a variety of rewards and bonuses for customers who managed to get it.

So, when will this 100 thousand transfer event take place, min? Also, how to get rewards those bonuses? To find out more information regarding this part of the Mantul Shopee event, please check below.

Event Transfer Get 100 Thousand Shopee

Transfer Get 100 Thousand Shopee is one of the events held by the Shopee application which is included in the Mantul Sale category. Because, this Shopee application’s Mantul Sale event often comes every month.

In this event, Shopee application users have the opportunity to get a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits offered at the Shopee Mantul Sale (SMS) event are as follows.

  • Voucher Free Shipping Rp 0
  • ShopeePay Deals Rp 1
  • All Thousand
  • Shopeepay promotions
  • Flash Sale Voucher
  • Shopeepay Plus Promo
  • Big Brands Rush Hour, and also-
  • Transfer Shopeepay Bonus 100Rb.

Shopee Mantul Sale last month was here on July 25-27 2022. And it will be announced in July. So, make sure Shopee users take part in this event with various prizes.

How to Join the 100 Thousand Shopee Application Transfer Event

For the terms and conditions of users who want to take part in the transfer to get 100,000 Shopee, it’s not that difficult. Because, we only need to activate the ShopeePay feature in the Shopee application. For steps to join this event, please follow the steps below.

  • First, make sure that the ShopeePay feature on your Shopee account is active.
  • Then, top up the balance or top up ShopeePay according to what you want. For example, minimarkets, banks, e-wallet and others.
  • Fill in the ShopeePay balance according to this event, namely the amount of the balance must be 100 thousand rupiah. Balance transfers can be sent to ShopeePay numbers belonging to friends, relatives, girlfriends and even lovers.
  • How, on the ‘ShopeePay’ menu, please select the ‘Transfer’ option. Then ‘enter the destination ShopeePay number’ and ‘transfer amount’. Finally, please enter your ShopeePay PIN to verify the transfer process. Done

Those are the steps in participating in this 100 thousand Shopee transfer event. For more information, please check the respective Shopee applications. Because this event only applies to lucky users.

The existence of a 100 thousand Shopee transfer event gives certain users the opportunity to get a free ShopeePay balance from Shopee. Please join this event if you meet the terms and conditions that apply from this Shopee marketplace application. Thank you and hopefully useful.