Tri Dial Code 25gb 25k 30 Days 2022 – Some tri card users are looking for tri dial code 25gb 25k. Where, offering internet packages at low prices with quite a lot of them.

Internet quota that is included in this promo category cannot be obtained by all Tri card users in Indonesia. Because, only a few customers got this 25GB 25k Tri card promo.

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation related to this package, both the dial code, how to activate it, and how to check the quota for this 25gb 25k package. Here is the complete information.

Tri Dial Code 25gb 25k

You need to know, in addition to activating the 25gb 25k internet package through the Bima+ application, you can also use a dial code to activate this cheap package.

This 25gb 25k internet promo, you can get via the dial code which we will convey later, along with several internet package offers provided by the Tri Indonesia provider manager.

The dial code for the Tri 25gb 25k internet package is *111*1#. Please use the UMB dial to see if you are a lucky customer to get this Tri 2022 cheap internet promo.

How to Activate Package 25gb 25k 30 Days Tri

For those of you who are still confused about using this 25gb 25k dial package, below we will provide a guide on how to get it.

  • First, please enter the Phone app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Then, type *111*1# then OK/Call
  • A row of internet packages will appear provided by the Tri provider.
  • Choose the 25gb package, 30 days IDR 25k.
  • Then a statement appears ‘You will buy a quota of 25GB 24 hours 30 days for only 25 thousand (normally 95 thousand). Reply by typing 1’.
  • Please type 1 then send/OK.
  • Follow the instructions to completion so that the process of purchasing the 25gb 25k 1 month package is successfully carried out.
  • By doing the above, you have managed to get a 25gb 25k internet package promo using the dial code.

You can also buy other internet promos, such as 46GB IDR 50 thousand or 20GB 5 thousand offered by Tri to some special customers. The code is the same as the dial above, which is *111*1#

Now you have managed to get cheap concentrate with this Tri card 25gb 25k dial code. If you want to use the application method, please use the link below to get this cheap package promo.


Then, is it possible to register for the 25gb 25k tri package via sms min? As far as we know, Tri has not provided activation via this route.

How to Check Tri Package Quota 25GB 25K 30 Days

To check the internet quota you have after buying this 25gb 25k promo. You can use the Bima+ application media or send a message.

Here we will only provide quota checks via SMS, because if using Bima+ users only need to login using the registered number to be able to see the amount of quota received. Here’s how to check the 25gb 25k 2022 package.

  • Go to Messages App
  • In the write message field, type INFO QUOTA send to 234.
  • Information related to bonus points will appear, the remaining package quota, the active period of the quota you are using.
  • Done

That’s the information we can convey regarding the dial code for internet quota 25gb 25k 30 days Tri card. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Especially for 3 customers who are looking for this promo quota.