Tricks to Change IMEI Number on Android Phones

IMEI is the main identity on the phone that is fixed and cannot be changed. It is also used for the device registration process against the SIM card. If a cell phone does not have an IMEI number, the SIM card will definitely not work.

But can I change the IMEI number? The answer is can, but not all Android phones can do it. Even changing the number does not violate it as long as it is used for learning or just testing just.

Most Android phones with processor Mediatek can do this trick. Meanwhile I can’t guarantee if this works for other processors. And there are two ways that you can apply, namely between with root or without root.

How to Change Android IMEI Number

Know beforehand that this rooted method is a little risky. For that, just in case, please do a full backup of the cellphone system via custom recovery so that everything is safe. Meanwhile there is also a non-root method that will not risk anything as long as you follow it correctly.

Before starting to do so, I also want to remind you to backup the current IMEI number so it doesn’t disappear later when it is successfully changed.

#1. With ROOT State

Make sure the phone has the Xposed Framework installed in order to use this method successfully. If it is already installed, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Download and install the app IMEI Changer Pro.

  2. Then activate the application module in Xposed, then reboot the phone.

  3. After that open the IMEI Changer Pro application.

  4. In column New IMEI Noplease fill in the new IMEI number.

  5. After that tap the button APPLY to change it.

This application can directly change the IMEI number without having to reboot the device again. So after doing that, you can directly check by dial *#06# to find out the new IMEI number.

#2. No ROOT

  1. Download and install the app Mobile Uncle Tool.

  2. Open the application and go to the menu Engineer > Engineer Mode.

  3. Scroll down and tap menu CDS Information.

  4. Next tap menu Radio Information. If your phone uses dual SIM, an option will appear later Phone 1 and Phone 2.

  5. For example here will change the IMEI of the second on the phone. So please choose an option Phone 2.

  6. At the top will appear options AT+please change it to a format like this:


    So for example like below:

    AT+ 123456789345346
  7. The last stage, tap the button SEND AT COMMAND.

After following the method above, try to check the IMEI number. And if it still doesn’t change, feel free to reboot the phone and then check again.

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The first method is very easy to do, but it is quite risky if it fails. That’s why I expect to do a full backup just in case. While the second method is a bit complicated to do, it won’t have any impact when it fails.

If you have questions about the tutorial above, it’s a good idea to comment in the column provided below.

Hopefully useful and good luck