Tricks to Fill Forms Automatically on a Website

All browsers have a feature to store information that is typed on a website form, for example, such as username and password. It’s just that information other than that will not be saved. So when you want to re-enter the website, you don’t need to type that information again and you can just press the Enter button.

But some people need more than that, where the autofill feature works for all columns. So not only for information to enter, but for everything, such as fields to fill in addresses, full names, and so on.

And it is not impossible to do. Because there are extensions that have been made for it and of course it’s free. So if you often fill out the same form on a website continuously, of course this extension will be very useful.

Filling Forms Automatically with Autofill

Autofill is the name of the extension that will be discussed in this article. Available for Chrome browser with a yellow lightning bolt icon. The features provided are very simple but very useful.

You can save text on all forms on the website, so that later you don’t have to type it again when refreshing the page or visiting the website again.

The functionality of this Autofill extension is very clever, so the saved text will be applied accurately to the existing column. So you won’t find any faults at all.

How to Use the Autofill Extension

Please install the extension first on the Chrome Webstore page. Or if you are using Firefox, please go to the Firefox Add-Ons page.

And if the extension is already installed, please follow how to use it below:

  1. First of all please fill out the form on a website.

    Fill out the Form on the Website

  2. Then right click and click menu Autofill.

    Right Click and Select Autofill

  3. Then click on the submenu Add rules for this page.

    Filling Forms Automatically

  4. A notification will appear at the top, please click the button Generate Autofill Rules.

    Click the Generate Autofill button

Done, now try to refresh the page and make sure if the saved fields are actually applied to the form. Usually a sound effect will appear when the Autofill extension reacts or takes its action to the form.

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Is it Safe to Use Autofill Extensions?

This extension is made by a trusted developer and is open to the public by providing access to frequently asked questions in Google Groups. Also, the Autofill extension will save data to local storage only, without any online synchronization.

So when the extension is removed, all the form data that has been saved will be deleted completely. And on the other hand, there is an autofil profile import and export feature, which I think is suitable for use when you want to change browsers.

Overall, this extension is safe to use, but it’s a good idea to no store overly sensitive information, such as credit card or other online wallet information as a precaution.

Hopefully useful and good luck