Tricks to Set Music Equalizer on Youtube

Making the strains of a song better than before is something that many people like. Like set bass higher and so on that allow it to make it comfortable to continue listening to it. But is it impossible if it is applied directly to the music played online?

The answer is not impossible. But not all music can be used in this way that will be shared and only music played from HTML5 only. In addition, such as music played from a flash player will not be able to apply this method.

Users only need to install the add-on on the browser Chrome and after that can enjoy setting equalizer on every music playing online. Lots of music player sites that have used HTML5, namely: Soundcloud, Spotifyor maybe Youtube.

There are two best add-ons that I will share, all of them have the same characteristics but differ in terms of excellence. I also say that these two are equally good because they work fine without any errors.

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Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!

This add-on has high ratings on the Chrome Web Store, looks blue and is also very easy to set up. There are features Bass Boost to improve the bass output in the audio. Users can also add new presets from the set equalizer.

Currently, it has been installed 180k times by Chrome users, but there is one thing that makes this add-on less powerful, which is sometimes it can’t detect it properly, so even though it’s set up correctly, it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Audio EQ

Even though the rating is only 4, the features provided are very sufficient. Why? Because there are no conflicts like the above add-ons and can always stimulate audio playing from HTML5. In addition, this add-on looks lighter.

No Bass Boost maybe one drawback of this add-on and its appearance needs to be improved so that more and more users. There are currently over 200k people using this add-on on their Chrome browser.

Differences from the Equalizer Side

Before I made this article, the first thing I did was try it first. From the experiments that I applied, there was no difference at all when using these two add-ons. There are only differences in terms of appearance only.

I admit that the view EQ Any Audio better because it looks always improved. Temporary display for add-ons Audio EQ very simple with a clean white appearance.

How to Install and Use

Users should first select one of the above add-ons. And if you have determined, the next step is to install it into the Chrome browser. If you don’t have the Google Chrome browser before, we recommend downloading it first. When your browser is ready, follow the tutorial below.

  1. First, select which add-on you want to use. EQ Any Audio or Audio EQ.

  2. For example here I want to install Audio EQ. Until a page appears on the Chrome Webstore. Press the button that says Add to Chrome to start installing it.

    How to Set Equalizer on Youtube and Others

  3. Wait until the process is complete and a confirmation button will appear, if the installation process is complete, a new icon will appear at the top.

    How to Set Equalizer on Youtube and Others

  4. Now try to press the icon, it should be ready to use.

    How to Set Equalizer on Youtube and Others
    How to Set Equalizer on Youtube and Others

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Keep in mind that setting the equalizer too much can cause damage to the ears, so it’s best to set it as comfortable as possible so that the user’s ears don’t hurt just from playing a song. If you have any questions regarding the above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck