Tuition Fees in Turkey in Rupiah? Here are the details – Many think that studying in Turkey is expensive, both in terms of tuition and living costs. In fact, the cost of studying in Turkey is not much different from that in Indonesia. And even cheaper too.

In addition to the issue of tuition fees, living costs such as food, rent, and transportation are one of the things to consider if someone wants to study at a Turkish public or private university.

So, in this article we will explain the cost of studying in Turkey in rupiah. so that prospective students can guess how much the details of the costs that need to be spent to study in that country.

Tuition Fees in Turkey In Rupiah

The first focus in this article is the cost of tuition in Turkey when converted to rupiah. As is the case in Indonesia, tuition fees at public universities are arguably cheaper than private ones.

For the problem of costs, it also varies, if prospective students or students choose to study in Turkish, the payment will be cheaper than using the English language of instruction.

Details of Tuition Fees in Turkey

The estimated cost of Turkish language tuition is around 300-600 US dollars. This is equivalent to 4.5-9 million rupiah. The number is almost the same as the economics or science and technology faculties in Indonesia.

As for English, the average cost that students need to spend is around 600-1,500 dollars. This value is equivalent to 9 million to 20 million. A lot too!

The details of the costs that we have listed above are the tuition fees if someone goes to college alone. If it’s too heavy, in Turkey there are various scholarships that you can take. Like from university or government scholarships.

Cost of Living in Turkey Breakdown

Furthermore, the cost of living in a country known for its kebabs also varies, depending on the city where the student lives and also how many dependents they carry.

But prospective university students in Turkey need not worry. Because the cost of living is not as big as the tuition fee (it also depends on the person!).

The average international student spends 300-400 USD\month. This value is equivalent to 4-6 million dollars for various needs. Starting from home, transportation, telephone, wifi, and also entertainment. For more detailed information, please check below.

  • Monthly house rent (1 bedroom apartment): 1400 TL (2.4 million)
  • Utilities, such as wifi and credit (average\month): 500TL (850K)
  • Transport ticket\month: 275 TL (450 thousand)
  • Food (cheap restaurant): 30 TL (50K)
  • Coffee and Milk : 21 TL (36 thousand)
  • Vegetables and Eggs 16 TL (25 thousand)
  • Water (1.5 liters): 2.30 TL (4 thousand)
  • Beef (1kg): 70 TL (117K)
  • Bread: 3.10 TL (5 thousand)

Those are the details of the tuition fees in Turkey in rupiah that we can describe. We quote the details of these costs from the Schoters website which provides facilities and consultations for students who want to study in Turkey. Thank you and hopefully useful.