Tutorial on Installing Add-Ons in Blender 3D

Add-Ons or can also be referred to as Plugins in Blender have a lot of uses that help to make it easier to do certain things. There are so many Add-Ons out there that are distributed for free, but some are paid.

The use of Add-Ons in Blender can vary, for example, for cameras, making simulations, and so on. You have to choose the right Add-Ons to do this.

Meanwhile, to install it can be done very easily. The most important thing for now is that you have prepare the Add-Ons file to be installed. And if you have set it up, please follow the tutorial in this article.

How to Install Blender Add-Ons

  1. First, open the Blender program.

  2. Click menu Edit and select Preferences.

  3. Then click on the menu Add-Ons.

    Click the Add-Ons menu

  4. Next click the button Install.

    Click the Install Button in Blender

  5. Select the downloaded Add-Ons file.

  6. The last stage, please activate the Add-Ons.

    Installing Add-Ons in Blender

Add-Ons files are basically formatted .py (python), but in Blender version 2.8 and above you can also install directly from the archive file .zip. Add-Ons information will appear on the screen after selecting the file, and it is ready to be activated.

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Blender Add-Ons Solution Not Installed

The Blender program does not display an error even though it selects an incorrect file, because the selected file will be directly moved to the directory where the Add-Ons are installed. Precisely in this directory C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.8x\2.8x\scripts\addons.

So if you experience problems with Add-Ons, please check the directory to make sure the Add-Ons are installed correctly.

Some people are also having issues referring to the Blender program after installing the Add-Ons. It could be because the file is incomplete or not compatible with the version of the program being used. So the solution is delete Add-Ons files are added manually from the appropriate directory I mentioned above.

If you have other problems when you want to install Add-Ons in Blender, it’s a good idea to comment in the column below for help.

Hopefully useful and good luck