Tutorial on Installing Blender 3D on a Computer or Laptop

Blender is a program for creating animations, visual effects, and other 3D graphics. This program has quite complete features for 3D modeling and everyone can use it for free without paying anything.

Until now, Blender is often used to make animated films, and of course there are also many out there who discuss the spread of animation making tutorials, be it on Youtube, Forums, or even on learning service sites.

Blender can be installed on Windows 7 and above, and of course requires a compatible CPU and GPU. If you want to know the complete specifications regarding the minimum required CPU and GPU, please go to the Blender Requirements page.

Tutorial to Install Blender on PC

As long as the device specifications support, of course you can immediately start to install it. And the higher the specification, the better, because it will affect performance rendering animation.

Follow the steps below to get started install Blender 3D on a computer or on a laptop:

  1. Please head to Blender Download Page.

  2. Click on button Download Blender.

    Download Blender

  3. If so, open the file to start the installation.

    Opening the Blender Installation File

  4. Click the Next button.

    Installing Blender on Computer

  5. Approval will appear, select the option I accept the terms… and click the Next button.

    Approve the Installation Process

  6. Here you can edit the Blender installation directory, and after that click the Next button again.

    Program Installation Location

  7. Almost done, click the Install button.

    Click the Install Button

  8. Wait for the installation process to complete.

    Blender Installation Process

  9. And done, Blender installed successfully. Click button Finish to continue.

    Blender Installed Successfully

For the installation directory section, the default is drive C, and there’s actually no problem even if you don’t edit it. But if the C drive on your computer is minimal, please change the directory to another drive, so that the installation process runs smoothly.

The installation process only takes a few minutes (maximum 10 minutes), and maybe you will see that the installation process is stuck, but that’s okay, because everything is working properly, so please wait for it to finish.

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Blender Installation Failed? This is the cause

If the installation process fails at the beginning of opening a program that has been downloaded, this is most likely due to the specifications of the computer you are using. It could be because they are still using the Windows 7 OS and below, or the specifications are relatively low. But it could also be the result of an MSI file that corrupt due to problematic downloads.

But if it fails when the installation process is running according to the step to-8 above, please try to turn off the antivirus program first. Because enabling it hinders the installation process so it ends up failing.

Hopefully useful and good luck