Tutorial on Setting Touchpad Sensitivity in Windows 10

Getting used to doing everything on a laptop using the Touchpad is not an easy thing. And most people are more used to using the Mouse because it is fast and not complicated.

But the Touchpad on a laptop is sometimes still useful, for example when the mouse is left at home. So inevitably have to use the Touchpad to interact with the laptop. And to make it comfortable to use, you can adjust the sensitivity.

Just like Mouse, the amount of sensitivity that is set is very affect comfort. Because sometimes there is someone who prefers high sensitivity, low sensitivity, or even normal standards.

Setting Touchpad Sensitivity in Windows 10

The method shared here is more intended for laptop devices that use Windows 10 OS. And this sensitivity setting can affect ordinary touchpad types or those using gestures (precision touchpad).

  1. Click START and go to Windows Settings.

  2. Next click menu Devices.

  3. On the left, click on the menu Touchpad.

    Click the Touchpad Menu

  4. Now an option will appear to change the Touchpad sensitivity.

    Setting Touchpad Sensitivity on Laptop

In the options that appear, you can change the sensitivity to low (low) or high (tall). Please apply and then the sensitivity will be immediately felt when you use the Touchpad at that very moment.

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Does It Also Affect Mouse Sensitivity?

Setting Touchpad sensitivity will not affect Mouse sensitivity. So if for example you set the sensitivity to high and have difficulty returning it, please use the mouse to do so.

So as a suggestion, it’s good to set this Touchpad sensitivity while using Mouse. That way you won’t be confused if suddenly the touchpad’s movement is too fast or slow which makes it difficult to reach the menu.

If I’m alone, normal sensitivity already feels comfortable to use. But back to different tastes of peoplebecause some people sometimes prefer slow or fast Touchpad movements depending on their individual needs.

Hopefully useful and good luck