Twitter Video Downloader App on Android and iPhone

Twitter is a platform that allows downloading photos with one click. Unfortunately, the same is not true for video downloads. However, this does not prevent you from downloading videos on Twitter. You can do this with easy steps on Windows, Android, and iOS. We explain how to download videos on Twitter with or without an application.

Thousands of new videos and photos are shared every day on Twitter, one of the most used social media platforms in the world. While there is a button that can be used to download images, there is no such button for downloading videos on Twitter. We also want to share video download apps on twitter PC, Android, and iOS.

It’s easy for all operating systems. All you have to do is go to the right site or install the right application. If you like, let’s quickly explain what to do with Twitter video downloads. We first start with how to download it on Android.

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The biggest advantage Android operating system compared to iOS operating system is it has much wider application support. This difference is of course also seen when the Twitter video download application. Here’s how to do it:

  • First of all, Download an app called Download Twitter Videos from Google Play Store and wait for it to install on your phone.
  • Open the app and grant the required permissions. Copy video link that you want to download from Twitter.
  • Open the app and paste video link that you want to download in the search bar at the top and tap the download button at the bottom right.
  • The download will start and you will be asked about the quality of the downloaded video. Select the quality ratio you want.
Download Twitter Videos
  • After this process, the video download will be completed and will be saved in your gallery.
the video download will be finished and will be saved in your gallery

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[su_heading size=”25″]Twitter Video Downloader App on iPhone[/su_heading]

However, iPhone users know, It is quite a difficult task to save any video or MP3 without iTunes application in the storage area of ​​the phone on a device with iOS operating system.

Therefore, currently there is no application to download Twitter videos on iPhone directly. However, it is still possible to use additional applications for download Twitter videos through the application.

Twitter Video Download App on iPhone
  • First, Download file manager named FoxFM from the App Store and install it on your phone.
  • Copy video link will You download on Twitter app.
  • Open the FoxFM app and expand the drop-down menu on the left . Press that Browser button on the menu.
  • Type in the browser address bar and open the site.
  • Paste the Twitter video link you just copied into the sitelinks section and tap the button download.
  • Start the download by selecting the video quality from the page that opens. The videos you download will be saved in the area File I’m on the FoxFM app. You can save the videos you download on this screen to the Gallery on the phone.

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How to Download Twitter Videos Without an App

The name of the site that we will use for how to download Twitter videos without an application is SaveTweetVid . Through this site, it is possible to download not only videos, but also audio files and GIF files available on Twitter. Because the operation that will be performed this time is done on a computer, it will be carried out more easily and without the need for an application.

When browsing the Twitter home page, you don’t need to enter the Tweet itself, either to watch videos or read Tweets. However, if you want to download a video, the first thing to do is search for URL for those tweets. To do this, you need to enter the Tweet itself.

  • Insert Tweet the video you want to download on Twitter .
  • Copy link address found in the search bar.
  • Visit the SaveTweetVid site.
  • Copy the link in the box that you paste .
  • Press the orange button” download” on the right .
  • Press the “Download” button next to the quality you want the video to be downloaded to.
  • The video player will open on the same page.
  • Click on three dots on bottom right .
  • Click “Download” in the menu that opens.
  • That’s it for video download.

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In this article, I try to answer the question of how to download Twitter videos with and without the application. If you encounter any problems during the process, you can get help using the comments tab below.