Type Captcha Can Get Money, Here’s How

Believe it or not that you can actually earn extra money just by typing a captcha code. It may seem unconvincing, but it never hurts to try it in your spare time.

Before that, did you know about the captcha code? It is a verification that you are not a robot, so the system asks you to write down the code from the image that appears, because actually a robot is still not able to read difficult characters in images, for example irregular italic text.

There is one website service that offers some sort of bypass against various captcha codes. And the service requires a worker to write down the captcha code sent by the buyer. The name of the website is 2Captcha.

What is 2Captcha?

As briefly explained above, that 2Captcha is a kind of service anticaptcha which offers a way to skip the captcha code without needing to type it again. Suitable for web developers who want to create automated systems for forms that require a captcha code to pass through.

Meanwhile for the worker will be paid every time they succeed pass the captcha code correctly. For 1000 successfully submitted captcha, they will get approx $0.5 to $1. It can be higher depending on the type of captcha obtained.

How does it work?

First, you must have an account first. Please register in advance on the 2Captcha website. Then after entering the Dashboard, click on the menu StartWork to start filling in the captcha.

For the first time, you will be asked to do some kind of test around 5 minutes to introduce how to write the correct captcha code. And after the process training or the test is over, then you can start typing the real captcha code.

So in part StartWorkplease continue by pressing the button START and then the captcha code will appear and you can start typing it. There is a time limit for writing code, so don’t let that time run out while typing code.

Click the START Button to Start Typing Captcha

How Much Results Can You Get?

Results will depend on rate per 1000 captchas. Even if you haven’t reached 1000 captcha, it will still be counted. Average for normal type captcha will get a maximum of $ 0.5 per 1000. As for the type of Recaptcha the result is higher about $ 1 per 1000.

This is because Recaptcha takes longer to complete, approximately 30 seconds or even more. And besides Recaptcha, there are also some captchas that have the same good price.

Price Per 1000 Captcha

Is There a Way to Increase 2Captcha Results?

Of course there are, one of them uses software or programs that have been provided. Using the program, allows you to get endless recaptcha. So the results obtained will be greater than the normal type of captcha.

As for another way, namely using an extension on the browser. So you just need to install an extension and after that the results will flow automatically. At the time this article was written, the extension of 2captcha was still BETA.

There is also the Affiliate feature, where you can get additional results by inviting friends or someone to join 2Captcha. Of course you will get a commission from 10% of the balance belonging to the friend who has been invited.

What is the Minimum Time and Balance Withdrawal Process?

The minimum balance that can be withdrawn is very small, namely: $0.5. And they provide many payment methods, and some of them have minimal $1 for withdrawals, one of which is in the form of Bitcoin withdrawals.

While the withdrawal process is relatively fast, it takes time maximum 3 working days (except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays). But from my experience, it only takes a few hours and then the balance will be sent.

The following is proof of payment from 2Captcha:

Proof of Payment 2Captcha

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The 2Captcha website has been around for a long time and continues to pay up to now. And this is more specifically for those of you who have free time to earn extra money. The result may not be much, it depends on the intention and time you have.

2Captcha is not a place for regular work on the internet, but a hobby that earns commissions in writing captcha code. The results obtained from 2Captcha weren’t great, but at least they still paid all the workers.

Hopefully useful and good luck