Understanding and Functions of the Office Button in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word is one part of Microsoft Office where this application is used for data/document processing. This application is very helpful for someone in completing various kinds of work related to document creation.

Through this application, document creation becomes easier because it is equipped with various tools that will help someone in processing documents until they are finished. One of them is the tools that are on the Office Button.

Understanding Office Button

The Office Button is one of the features found in the Microsoft Word application and is usually located in the upper right corner (near the Menu Bar) on the worksheet. The Office Button has a look like the Microsoft logo and when we click on the menu it will display 9 tools or tools that we can use for various document processing purposes.

Office Button Functions

Well on this occasion, I will try to explain the function of each tool contained in the Office Button. Please see the explanation below.

1. New (CTRL + N)

New is used to create a new worksheet in Microsoft Word. An alternative keyboard command for this tool is CTRL + N. You can open a new worksheet without having to close other worksheets that are already open in this application (more than one worksheet).

2. Open (CTRL + O)

Open is used to open documents that are already stored on your computer. An alternative keyboard command for this tool is CTRL + O.

3. Save (CTRL + S)

Save is used to save files on your computer. An alternative keyboard command for this feature is CTRL + S. When you have saved the file on the computer and then continue your work on the worksheet, you can save the typing result by pressing CTRL + S so that it can be saved automatically.

4. Save As

Save As is used to save the document as into your computer. Save As is slightly different from Save (CTRL+S), in the Save As feature you can save a document by creating a new file with a different name from the previously saved file.

In Save As there are several icons such as:

  • Word Document is used to save files with the default Microsoft Word format
  • Word Templates are used to save documents as templates that can be used to format documents in the future
  • Save 97-2003 Document is used to save a copy of a document that is fully relevant to the version of Microsoft Word 97-2003
  • Find add-ins fot other file formats is used to learn about how to save documents to other formats such as PDF and XPS
  • Other Formats is used to open the Save As dialog box to select the types of files that may already be saved

5. Print (CTRL + P)

Print is used to print the document that has been done. In this Print feature there are 3 tools, namely as follows:

  • Print is used to set document printing, number of copies and other printing options before printing to paper
  • Quick Print is used to print documents directly to the printer by default without having to make any changes first.
  • Print Preview is used to review documents that will be printed later.

6. Prepare

Prepare is used to edit the settings that will be applied to the document, for example adding an author, adding a password to the document, and so on. In Prepare there are several tools such as:

  • Properties is used to view and edit document properties such as title, author and keywords
  • Inspect Document is used to check hidden document metadata or private information
  • Enscrypt Document is used to give a password to the document so that the document can be protected
  • Restrict Permission is used to limit someone’s ability to access to edit, copy and print documents
  • Add a Digital Signature is used to add an invisible digital signature to ensure the integrity of the document
  • Mark as Final is used to give a mark to let the reader know that the document has been completed and is ready to be read
  • Run Compatibility Checker is used to check for features not supported by previous versions of Microsoft Word

7. Send

Send is used to send the document that you have finished creating. In the Send feature there are two services that you can use, namely:

  • Email is used to send documents via Email
  • Internet Fax is used to send documents via Internet Fax

8. Publish

Publish is used to publish documents that you have created into a variety of publication media. There are three media supported by MS Word and you can use to publish your document such as:

  • Blogs are used to publish documents to blogs/websites
  • Document Management Server is used to share documents to be stored on Document Management Server Ms Word
  • Create Document Workspace is used to create new sites for documents and keep them in sync with local copies of documents

9. Close

Close is used to close the Microsoft Office Word work page when finished using it.

More Features in Office Button

In addition to the 9 features that I have described above, if we look at the bottom corner of the Office Button window, there are still two features that we can use. These features include:

  • Recent Document is a list of documents that were last created and have been saved in the Microsoft Word application. You can open the document by clicking directly on the document name.
  • Word Options is used to open the Microsoft Word application settings. Here you can manage various things related to the Microsoft Word application.
  • Exit Word is used to close the Microsoft Word application.


Actually, there are still many features found in the Microsoft Word application and can make it easier for us to manage documents such as the features available in the Menu Bar. But on this occasion I will only discuss some of the things contained in the Office Button. If you want to know an explanation of the features contained in the Menu Bar I have reviewed in my previous article, you can read it by clicking the link below.

That’s my description of the Office Button Function in Microsoft Word, hopefully this article can add to your insight about using the Microsoft Word application. That is all and thank you.