Upgrading Tri Card to 4G Get 50GB Quota, Want? Here’s How

Portalsitaro.com – To provide more fun access to video calls, streaming, or playing online games. Tri Indonesia suggests upgrading the 3G card to 4G.

Customers can exchange their old 3G to 4G cards easily and free of charge without the need to change their Tri number. This Tri provider 4G card upgrade promo will even give you rewards 50GB quota for free without paying.

So, for those of you Tri card customers who haven’t upgraded their card to 4G, maximize this opportunity to be able to get a free quota of 50GB from the Tri Indonesia provider.

How to Exchange Old Tri Card 3G to New Card 4G Without Changing Number

For those of you who don’t know the process of upgrading a Tri card to 4G without the need to change cards, below we will explain the process:

  • Please visit the page https://perdana.tri.co.id/4G. Then enter your old number into the column provided.
  • If so, click Validate Number.
  • If the number you are using is still 3G and cannot connect to the 4G network, the number validation process will be successful. Conversely, if the number is already registered then the number validation will fail.
  • As soon as the validation process is successful you will be sent a number to your home address. Don’t worry, Tri has freed delivery fees to all Tri’s prepaid customers.
  • After getting the card, on the back of the new Tri 4G LTE Prime Card you will find 20 ICCID numbers. Please send with the format SIMNo ICCID and send it to 123.
  • Please wait for a reply message/SMS secret code from 765. Enter the secret code then click OK. The format is CODESecret Code send to 765.
  • At this stage you need to turn off your Android or iPhone and insert a new 4G LTE Prime Card.
  • Don’t forget to change the HP settings to 4G LTE and 4G SIM so that the network is ready for use.

Tri 4G Card Upgrade Terms and Conditions

  • Upgrade 4G card with rewards 50GB quota is a limited promo.
  • Promo period from 14 July – 30 July 2022
  • The 50GB quota bonus is valid for 30 days for Rp. 1 from being accessed at 01-06
  • The maximum time for ‘Reply SMS’ for the 4g Tri Upgrade promo offer is 3 days after successful card exchange.
  • Customers can check the remaining quota for the card upgrade promo via the bima+ application or via SMS with the INFO QUOTA format sent to 234.
  • Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has the right to change the terms and conditions of the promo above at any time, according to the manager’s policy.

To get more information, customers can contact the Tri service center contact at: Access 3Chat via the bima+ application, Twitter @3CareIndonesia, Telegram @TriIndonesiaCare_bot, WhatsApp: 08999800123, Email: [email protected], Phone: 132 / 089644000123, or visit the nearest 3store https://3care.tri.co.id/storelocator.

Questions About 4G Prime Upgrade Without Changing Cards

  1. Why should I upgrade from 3G to 4G Tri card? by doing this customers can enjoy a wider and wider range of streaming, browsing, downloading, than ever before. Because, 4G network is the latest technology after 3G which has faster and more stable data access than 2G/3G.
  2. How to find out if the Tri number used needs to be upgraded to a 4G card? Please validate the Tri number in prime.tri.co.id/4G. If your Tri number is still using a 3G card, then you can order a 4G LTE Prime Card for free without paying.
  3. What promos do I receive when I upgrade my card to 4G? customers will have the opportunity to get a 50GB quota (hours 01-06) valid for 30 days for Rp1 on the 4G network.

That’s the information we can convey regarding upgrading a 4g card to get a quota of 50gb. We hope that the little information we provide is useful for Tri card users who are still using the 3G network. That’s all and good luck.