Use this material as a way to get rid of ants

It is very annoying when the food we want to eat is infested with ants, especially when we want to make a drink that uses sugar, it turns out that sugar is infested with many ants. Logically, ants will approach areas that provide sufficient food or odors to attract the attention of ants. If the ants have found an area that provides food supplies for them then the ants will survive long and stay for the long term until the food supply in that area runs out. So it is not surprising that in a place with lots of food, not far from the area, there must be an anthill.

At home, areas where ants are often used as nests are areas that are closed and hidden, such as in wood gaps, broken rooms in the kitchen or above the ceiling of the house. Not only soiling food but when biting it hurts, there are even some types of ants that can cause allergies, itching, burning pain, allergies and rashes on the skin.

One of the things you can do to prevent ants from entering your house and create a nest is to cover the entrance of the ants with food and always make sure the room is clean and tidy from leftover food that can invite ants to arrive, especially in the kitchen and dining table area. Now, but if the ants have already made a nest in the room of the house so that there are many ants at home, you can use the following natural ingredients that you can try to get rid of them from your home:

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Repel ants using coffee grounds
Have you ever seen an open coffee and covered with ants? Of course not because ants really don’t like coffee. You can use coffee grounds and sprinkle them in areas that are often traversed or infested with ants. Well, when there are no more ants in your house, clean the rest of the coffee grounds.

Using perfume or fragrance to repel ants
Ants also do not like the smell of fragrances such as perfume, soap or freshener. So if you find an anthill in the cupboard, kitchen room or dining table, just spray it with perfume or soapy water. but it must be remembered that the food should not be sprayed with perfume or soapy water. To prevent ants from arriving, simply hang a freshener in the room, in addition to refreshing and producing a fragrant room, it is also effective at preventing ants from coming.

Cloves can repel ants
Cloves can help flavor food, but can also help repel ants because of their pungent aroma. The trick is simply to mash the cloves, then sprinkle it in a place where many ants pass.

Repel ants with Vinegar
Vinegar has a pungent smell that ants don’t like. So, you can use it to repel ants. The trick is to mix vinegar with a little water, then spray it on the anthill. Repelling ants does not have to use dangerous insecticides, because with the natural ingredients above, we can free the house from ant problems.

Lime leaves
Ants often attack your sugar, rice or food supplies, especially those that have a sweet taste? No need to worry, because you can get rid of it easily and quickly, namely: take a few kaffir lime leaves, tear to let the aroma come out, then place it in a sugar, rice or other area. It is borne by the ants that they will leave and not come back.

Prevent ants from coming back
To prevent ants from coming back, make sure the room in your house is always clean. Always close open dishes, store them tightly and make sure there are no leftovers or crumbs of food that are messy in your home.