Various Easy Ways to Create Slime (Complete)

A few days later, one of the admins of this blog received an email containing a question about how to make slime (toys). What exactly is slime, what are the ingredients for making slime and how do you make slime? So, before discussing how to make it, here is the definition of slime itself.

Slime, sometimes called “No” or “Oobleck,” is a lump of thick, sticky, sticky material like glue that feels sticky but isn’t liquid. Slime is a type of toy that is currently really liked by children. Of course, you can buy various types of slime at a toy store or other store that provides them, but you can save money by making your own at home. Slime can usually be found easily for a child’s birthday party, Halloween party, class activity or just to entertain the kids on a rainy day.

Slime (slime) seen from its history is a type of toy product produced by Mattel, which is sold in the plastic waste area and was introduced in 1976. It consists of a non-toxic viscous material, formed from guar gum. Different variations of Slime have been released over the years, including the rubbery, eyeball, and worm-filled insect slime in the 1980s. The main components are guar polysaccharide rubber and sodium tetraborate. As an alternative to polysaccharides, other alcohol-group containing polymers (such as polyvinyl alcohol) can be used for similar results. This non-polysaccharide polymer product is more commonly referred to as a flubber. Polyvinyl acetate (Elmer’s glue), borax and water can also be used to determine the characteristics of this slime.

Now this time I will share a little about how to make slime in various ways, with lots of materials with different shapes complete with video tutorials, here are lots of ways to make slime toys:

How to Make Slime with UHU glue

How to Make Slime with Salt & Shampoo

How to Make Slime with Fox Glue

How to make Slime with Slime Activator

How to make slime with tissue. (without glue, borax)

How to Make Slime Without BORAX/GOM

Hopefully the articles and videos about the various ways to make slime above are useful for you, if you have suggestions, input, supplements or other experiences about how to make slime, please add them in the comment box and share your experiences with thousands of other readers on this blog, thank you .