Various Ways to Clean Clothes Fade Stains

Cleaning clothes that have faded stains – It must be very annoying if the clothes that we soak or have washed from the washing machine turn out to be stained. Moreover, our favorite clothes or even only worn once but have been stained with fading, well, it’s definitely a hassle. I want to throw it away but I still love what I want to die for, I’m ashamed to use it too. Not only white clothes can get stained, but colored clothes can also get stained. Usually we personally decide not to use clothes that have faded stains. Though faded stains on clothes can be removed. But the stains on clothes don’t always stick to stains on other clothes. There are stains on clothes that will only contaminate the water used for washing.

And most often I experience jeans that often fade and stick to other clothes that I wash. It’s important to separate clothes that easily fade from other clothes so that they don’t stain other clothes before you soak or wash them. Well this time I will share tips on how to remove stains on clothes that have faded from other clothes colors. All types of stains can be removed easily with the right way. The choice of detergent, the thickness of the smudge, the material or type of clothing is powerful to clean clothes from faded stains. Here’s how to clean clothes that are stained with smudges from other clothes:

How to clean faded stains on white clothes
Simply soak the stained white clothes or clothes with bleach for about 30 minutes and then wash as usual. If it fades stubbornly on white clothes, you can soak the clothes in warm water that has been mixed with bleach, let it sit for 1 hour first, then remove it and soak it in plain water that has been mixed with detergent for 15 minutes then wash as usual. For clothes that have just been stained, don’t put them in the dryer. Let the clothes dry naturally in the sun. For white clothes, dry the clothes on a dry towel in the sun. The sun can’t get rid of the faded stains on your clothes, but it can help fade the remaining stains. Also read tips clean paint stains, wear ink.

How to clean faded stains on colored clothes
Apply the entire chapter with acetone (nail polish remover) on the stained colored garment. Soak the clothes in the vessel for about 30 minutes. Rub clothes briefly, then rinse thoroughly. Squeeze by hand, then dry the clothes.

How to clean a little faded stain that is still wet
This method is only used if the stain has faded only slightly and the cloth is still wet. Just rub the starfruit on the faded stains and then let it sit for half an hour, the acidic nature of the starfruit helps remove the faded stains on clothes. Then wash as usual and dry. Also read how clean stains on ceramics & toilets.

Another way to remove faded stains on clothes (using micin/MSG)

  • Prepare micin (MSG) and detergent.
  • Pour the detergent and micin into a vessel with a lesser dose of detergent than the micin.
  • Pour hot or warm water into the vessel.
  • Put the stained clothes in the bucket.
  • Soak for some time until cold water, then wash the clothes.
  • Prepare another vessel, pour detergent and water.
  • Clothes that have been washed using detergent and micin are washed again using a detergent solution that has been prepared in another vessel. This second washing serves to remove micin from clothes.
  • Rinse until clean then dry.

How to remove faded stains on clothes using vinegar

  • Prepare vinegar and detergent.
  • Pour the vinegar and detergent into the bucket.
  • Pour water into the vessel. Dissolve.
  • Soak the stained clothes for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse until clean then dry.

Here are some ways to get rid of faded stains on clothes. If you have other experiences about how to remove faded stains on clothes, please add your experience in the comment box provided and share it with thousands of readers of this blog and it is useful for all of us. Or if you feel this article is useful, please share it on social media under the post.