Various Ways to Open Task Manager on Windows PC

Task Manager is a very important feature in Windows, which is useful for controlling all running tasks or applications. Of course the role of the Task Manager is very high, because most people use it to stop an application that does not respond.

Not only that, but many other uses. Such as detecting connection usage rate, disc, RAM, CPU and also GPU. Can also be used to activate or deactivate startup of an application.

Did you know that opening the Task Manager can actually be done in many ways? It’s around 5 ways easy to open. Some of them can be very useful in certain conditions. Here I share the 5 ways.

Several Ways to Open Task Manager on PC

Julybe some people still often open the task manager through search. That is, simply open Windows Search by pressing the button WIN+S and after that type Task Manager, then click ENTER.

Via Windows Search

But behind the ease of this first method, there are still several other easy ways. Curious to know? please continue to the next method.

2. Via Key Combination

You just need to press the button CTRL+SHIFT+ESC simultaneously, and then the Task Manager will open. In my opinion, most people use this method because it is quite fast and practical.

Make sure you press the buttons at the same time for it to work. These key combinations are dedicated to opening the Task Manager, and Windows has actually set more key combinations than we ever realized. And this is one of them.

3. Run Task Manager from Windows Run

Windows Run is a feature that can be used to quickly run applications or programs. This feature has been around since Windows 95 and is still around today.

To open the Task Manager using Windows Run is very easy, please press the button WIN+R to display the dialog box. And then type taskmgr in the dialog, then click OK or ENTER.

Via Windows Run

4. Opening from Taskbar

Even from the taskbar you can also open the Task Manager. The method is also not difficult, you just need to right-click on an empty area on the task bar and then select the Task Manager option.

Opening the Task Manager from the Taskbar

This is the second fastest way after key combinations, can be used as an alternative if your hands are lazy to do keyboard combinations and only want to use the mouse.

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Besides being used to open the Task Manager, this key combination is also often used in emergency situations. For example when Windows does not respond due to other program problems.

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard, and the device will enter on a special page with several menus such as lock the device, Logout, disable WiFi, open Task Manager, and even disable/restart the computer.

In certain situations, you may need this method. For example, when playing a game, and the game crashes and won’t return to the Desktop. Can’t also open the task manager via a key combination. So the only way is through this emergency method.

Of the five ways above, which one do you use the most to open the Task Manager? I myself use the combination button more often according to method number 2. Everyone has their own preferences, and if you have a method other than the five above, you are very welcome to share it in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck