Video Snack Authentication, Here’s How To Fill It – Julybe the creator of the snack video application once wanted to authenticate the Snack Video account. But unfortunately, they do not know how to do it.

As we know, Snack account authentication only applies to content creators who register independently or not through an agency. Here’s how to become a Snack video agency list.

The problem of authentication in the creators of the Snack Video studio has become an important part of supporting the careers of the creators. The reason is, this is a kind of blue tick that indicates that you are the original and official creator in the Snack Video application.

Then, what is Snack Video authentication? and how to fill in when getting notification checklist this?

To answer the above questions below we will briefly explain related to Snack Video account authentication. So, please read carefully to understand the explanation below.

What is Video Snack Authentication?

Snack Video Account Authentication is a program part of the Snack video application, so that the creators of this application can get official account verification. In addition, the purpose of account authentication is to ensure that the creators of the content are genuine and not fake editors who plagiarize people’s content indiscriminately.

In addition, by authenticating the Snack Video application account, the creator also ensures that he will not commit violations such as plagiarism of other people’s content.

Therefore, the existence of a tick icon in the snack video authentication process for creators can also be interpreted to make them more professional and get their own name. Also Read: How to Apply for a Video Snack Agency

How to Complete Snack Video Creator Authentication

Some video snack creators may have encountered the Creator Snack Video Authentication notification. This kind of notification sometimes appears and is given to creators who meet certain terms and conditions.

Well, for creators in the Snack Video application who managed to get the notification, below we will provide a guide on how to fill it out. Please read slowly so you don’t get it wrong.

  • In the Snack Video application, please click the video snack authentication notification option.
  • There will be two choices, namely personal authentication and institutional authentication (explanation will be given below)
  • Please select one of the options above.
  • Don’t forget, sub options are also filled in.
  • Next, the request requirements will appear. Please have a look and observe carefully.
  • Then, fill out the online form that is provided.
  • To maximize the Snack Video creator authentication process, attach an ID card or other supporting file.
  • At this stage you just have to wait for the submission to be made.
  • By doing the steps above, you have successfully filled out the snack video authentication from the notification that you got.

Well, below we will also provide an explanation regarding the difference between ‘personal authentication’ and ‘institutional authentication’ which we have summarized below. Check this out…

Difference Between Personal and Institutional Authentication

For video snack creators who are going through the account authentication process, it’s important to know the difference between ‘Personal’ or ‘Institutional’ authentication. Because both of them are included in the steps of the process of getting a blue tick in the snack video.

Personal Authentication is an authentication for your own account or personal needs, not for groups or institutions. Therefore, in this option there are two options that you can choose, namely vertical or professional author authentication.

Note: The explanation between vertical or professional writers will be explained in another article.

Furthermore, Institutional authentication is an authentication managed by a specialized agency or institution. Be it companies, media, schools, and other official institutions to support the snack video content he made.

So, please read the information above before choosing between ‘Personal’ or ‘Institutional’ snack video account authentication. So that you are not wrong in choosing to support the sustainability of the account you manage.

Questions About Video Snack Account Authentication

Here are some of the questions we have recap related to this issue. Please take a look.

  1. What are the benefits of account authentication for creators? Recommendations, blue ticks, and so on.
  2. Snack video creator account authentication requirements? 50k followers and original content
  3. If the creator authentication notification appears, the coin logo won’t rotate? No, it doesn’t matter
  4. Already signed up for creator authentication but can’t get the blue tick? Please allow up to 7 days. because not everyone who gets the notification can pass. So hub CS snack video for more information.
  5. Why does the ID card upload authentication process suddenly come out by itself? Try compressing the image or the resolution.

That’s a brief description that we can convey regarding the problem of video snack authentication. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. That’s all and good luck.