Viz Funds: Explanation and How to Activate It – The Dana digital money wallet application has made a new feature to make it easier for its users. This feature, called Dana Viz, allows users to make payments with just a selfie.

You can activate this new feature of the Dana application in various ways, because the application manager provides various options to be able to enjoy the Dana Viz application feature. e-payment this fund.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to what the Viz Fund is, and how to activate it. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

What is the Viz Fund

Dana Viz is a face verification with secure biometric authenticator created by the Dana app. This new feature allows users to access and perform Fund payment transactions with just a facial scan.

DanaViz (Visual Identity AuthoriZation) is here to support increasingly sophisticated payment systems along with sufficient digital balances, a combination of digital wallet technology and biometrics has emerged that allows one to complete transactions by taking selfies.

In addition to providing more services in terms of security features, Dana Viz also provides easier payment access, because without the need to enter a verification PIN, a person can complete a transaction.

Thus, the presence of DanaViz makes it easier for users to make payment transactions and also provides a sense of security to protect user balances, data, and transactions made.

How to Activate Viz Funds

Quoted from the official website of the Dana application, there are several methods that users can use to activate this Viz Fund. Users can activate on the Smartpay page, after registering an account, after resetting the PIN, or on the Dana Protection page.

To make it easier for Dana application users to activate this Viz Fund feature, here we have provided detailed steps:

1. On the SmartPay Page

Here’s how to activate Viz Funds from the SmartPay Dana app.

  • Open the Funds app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Click the My menu at the bottom right of the screen.
  • In ‘Application Settings’, please Click SmartPay
  • click Viz Funds.
  • Perform face verification to activate Viz Funds.

2. After registering the Dana application account,

You can also turn on the Viz Fund feature after registering for the Dana application account. The method:

  • The Viz Fund activation page will appear on the cellphone screen
  • Click Activate Viz Funds. Then enter your Dana account PIN.
  • Please follow the instructions given and position your face well.
  • If it is correct, then the face verification process is successful and the Viz Fund will be active

3. After resetting the Dana PIN

The DANA Viz feature can also be activated after you change the PIN for the Dana application that you forgot. Because this feature will appear on your cellphone screen page.

  • After the Dana PIN reset is complete and a Viz Fund activation pop up appears, please click Activate Viz Funds
  • Enter the Fund Pin and follow the instructions given.
  • Don’t forget, position your face well so that the facial scan is successful.
  • Happy! Your Viz fund is active

4. On the Fund Protection page

To enable visual features identity Authorization in the next Fund is on the Protection page. You can do the following steps to turn on this Viz Fund.

  • After the user sees the Dana Protection information, please click Viz Fund Settings to activate this feature.
  • Next, we are directed to the SmartPay page
  • Click and Fund Viz and enter your Dana app account PIN.
  • Please follow the next instructions and make sure to position the face properly.
  • Done

Those are the various ways to activate Viz Funds in the Dana app. Please choose one of the guides above if you want to activate the latest features presented by the application e-payment this fund.

So, what if you fail to activate this Viz Fund, min? So, what to do?

If you fail to activate the Viz Dana feature, you can contact Dana Customer Care (CS) at 1500445, call WhatsApp number 08191 1500 445, or in the Enter column. According to what is instructed in the Dana application.

This is the information we can convey regarding the Viz Fund. Now you know what Viz Dana is, how to activate it, and the functions of this new Dana app feature. Thank you and hopefully useful.