What are Panda Rewards? Here’s the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – There is a game-based application that can make money for its users. The application here that we mean is Reward Panda.

Reward Panda Play and Earn is an application developed by Jays Rewards Hub Ltd. As of this article, more than 50 thousand people have downloaded this application.

There are various things in this application. Both spin games, quizzes, and other things. Where, when the player plays it there will be a reward that you can get.

Well, below we have provided a complete explanation related to Reward Panda. So, for those of you who just know and want to use this apk, please read this article to the end to find out more complete information.

What is Panda Rewards App?

Panda Rewards is a new game application that offers rewards digital money to its users. The games in this game are quite abundant, from answering quizzes, playing roulette, and so on.

By carrying out various tasks, players will be given points which can later be exchanged if they exceed the minimum withdrawal limit e-money that has been determined in this Panda Rewards apk.

Below we will also provide information on how to earn money from this digital reward application. But, before that you need to know how to download and install this panda reward apk.

How to Download and Install the Panda Rewards application

You need to know, Reward Panda is an official application on the PlayStore. So, it is quite safe to use. And, here are the steps:

  • Open the Paly Store App, then type “Reward Panda” in the Search field.
  • If so, click Download to start downloading this apk.
  • Then, don’t forget to install the Reward Panda apk.
  • Please wait for the apk installation process to run. if it’s finished, please open this application and we will proceed to the second point, namely the list of Panda Rewards application accounts.

How to Register a Panda Rewards Account

After successfully getting the panda reward application. Furthermore, users need to have an application account first. The method:

  • Click Sing Up at the time of display log in now in the panda reward.
  • Then, you will be asked to fill in your full name, email, password and referral code.
  • Now, in the referral code section, please enter the invitation code 528473 in order to get additional bonus coins from Reward Panda apk.
  • If you have, click Create Account.

By doing this, you just have to wait for confirmation from the application manager related to registering an account for one of these paypal-producing applications.

How to Play Reward Panda

After the account creation process is complete, the user will automatically enter the home screen of the Smart Rewards. In the application’s homepage, there are several menu categories that can be used to collect points. These categories include:

  • Daily Checkin
  • Spin & Win
  • Solve Quiz
  • Watch Video
  • Scratch and Win
  • Math Quiz
  • Refer and Ean

However, there are only 3 that you can play in normal data mode, namely Daily Checkin, Scratch and Win, and Refer and Ean. Because to play the other three, namely Solve Quiz, Math Quiz and Watch Video you need to use a VPN first.

So, for those of you who really want to play using this Reward Panda apk application. Please download the VPN application that is easy for you to use. For example, this Turbo VPN application.

Okay, then we will explain how to play each of the categories embedded in the Panda Rewards Home. Because, maybe some of the users do not understand English and find it difficult to understand what needs to be done from the various tasks given.

Tasks in the Panda Rewards App

Here we will not provide a detailed explanation of the six category menus in the application. However, we will only provide an outline explanation.

  • Daily CheckIn is the task of doing attendance every day, by doing this players will get points according to their respective attendance levels.
  • Scartch & Win is the task of scrubbing the screen to get bonus points according to the luck of the player. (Don’t worry, the screen is still safe)
  • Spin & Win is the task of spinning spins with different reward values. Click play to start the game. Per day get a maximum of 10 times.
  • Solve Quiz is the task of answering some of the questions that exist in this money-making Panda Reward application. Each successfully answered question will be awarded a number of points.
  • Watch Video is the task of watching advertising videos. So, you will get additional points if you have finished watching the ad.
  • Refer and Ean is a task to invite friends to use this app. If you succeed, you will be given a fairly large reward point.

That’s the description of the game in this money-making Panda Reward. please collect as many points as possible to be able to get a lot of points which will be exchanged for dollars or paypal.

How to Withdraw in Reward Panda Apk

For users who have enough points to make a withdrawal, they may still be confused about the procedure withdraw Pandas app. Actually, it’s quite easy. However, for beginners maybe not. The method:

  1. Go to Payment options.
  2. Select your preferred payment method.
  3. At this stage there will be various options that you can use, such as: Paypal, Google Play, PUBG Vouchers, Fee Fire and so on.
  4. Just choose one.
  5. Suppose we want to exchange coins with Paypal balance. Please collect points of 20 thousand coins or the equivalent of 10 dollars to be able to exchange them.
  6. If so, please exchange it.

Note: Some cases of Reward Panda application users experience conditions where they cannot withdraw to paypal. Make sure your Paypal is tied to your cellphone number so that the withdrawal process runs smoothly

Are Panda Rewards Proven Paying?

We quote from Anang Prasetyo’s YT channel who has made a paypal withdrawal from the Reward Panda application. That this application can really make money, especially paypal balances to its users.

It’s just that the video clip we watched did not include real evidence of the disbursement of this application’s funds. Because, in the few minutes before the end of the video, there was a technical error that made the video footage black. So we cannot provide concrete evidence of the WD results.

By the way, as far as we know the Reward Panda Play and Earn application which was formerly named Rich Panda is quite safe to use. It’s just that the need to use a VPN is an uncomfortable thing for the domestic community.

Even so, Reward Panda does not require players to make a deposit. So there is no significant loss if you want to try playing using this application.

However, as a suggestion. You also need to be careful using this apk. The reason, not many people who use it.

Finally, here are some brief reviews about the latest Cash Reward Panda application. Hopefully a little information above makes it easier for you to understand rule and low this application developed by Jays Rewards Hub Ltd. Thank you and hopefully useful