What are the Telkomsel BKKBN Packages for? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – Telkomsel BKKBN package users, may still be confused about the use of this internet package. Therefore, below we will provide an explanation of what Telkomsel’s bkkbn package questions are for.

As we already know, the Telkomsel card BKKBN package is a large internet quota which is divided into regular quota, local quota, DPI quota with an additional 30 days active period.

Not much different from other Telkomsel internet products, the BKKBN Package is also valid nationally and can only be used domestically, namely Indonesia. Of course with the policies of each type of quota in it.

Before knowing the answer to the question for what are the Telkomsel BKKBN packages, you need to know what types of quotas are included in this BKKBN large quota package.

Types of Telkomsel BKKBN Quota

This Telkomsel BKKBN package consists of several internet quotas. Among them are regular quotas, local quotas, DPI quotas and the active period of the package for 1 full month. For example, if you register on July 1, this quota will run out if it has been more than 30 days since the initial activation.

The use of each type of BKKBN package is also different, for example the regular quota. You can use this quota on all Telkomsel networks, be it 2G, 3G, and 4G for a full 24 hours.

The local quota for BKKBN is not the same as the regular quota. Because local quotas can only be used on a limited basis. Users can only use it to access the internet at the location where you activate this Telkomsel BKKBN.

DPI quota (conference app) is more limited. Because it can only be used to access certain video application services, such as Zoom, WebEx, UMeetMe, CloudX, and Microsoft Teams.

What are the Telkomsel BKKBN Packages for?

After knowing the type of Telkomsel’s BKKBN package, users may already know what this internet is used for. Yep, this internet quota can be used according to the needs of its users.

You can use this package to access all applications, social media, browse, stream, download, film, study online, adjust various types of BKKBN quotas and the policies contained in each quota option in it.

Telkomsel itself provides 2 choices of Telkomsel BKKBN packages, namely packages with prices starting at 85 thousand with a total quota of 30GB (5GB Regular, 19GB Local, 6GB DPI) and 100 thousand with a total quota of 50GB (8GB Regular, 32GB Local, 10GB DPI). Therefore, users can choose which BKKBN package suits their needs.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the matter of the Telkomsel BKKBN package, which can be used for anything. I hope the little info above makes it easier for you to use this big quota package from this Telkomsel provider. so and hopefully useful.