What can Jakcard be for? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – To facilitate the activities of Jakarta residents in terms of visiting places in the capital city, the DKI Jakarta Provincial government through Bank DKI presents a new breakthrough by introducing JakCard.

JakCard is a card issued by Bank DKI Jakarta as a means of non-cash payment in transactions in various places that have collaborated.

JakCard smart card is equipped with technology contactless-chip which makes one only need to bring it closer to the machine to be used.

With this technology, various kinds of transactions can be processed quickly without the need to exchange money or look for cash first. So, what can JakCard cards be used for, min? Here’s the explanation.

What can Jakcard be for?

Please note, Jakcard can be used for various activities. For example, for transportation purposes. Jakarta residents can use the Jakcard card to pay for tickets for Transjakarta, MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, microtrans, and also toll payments.

In addition, users can top up their JakCard balances through counters located at all Transjakarta bus stops as well as MRT and LRT stations. For those who don’t have it, he can also buy it at these counters.

Not only for transportation payments, you can also use the JakCard prepaid smart card to pay for various tourist destinations in Jakarta. Some of the attractions that accept JakCard include the National Monument (Monas), Sports Center, Ragunan Wildlife Park, Ancol, Planetarium, and various museums in Jakarta.

Many museums in the capital city of Jakarta also accept JakCards, including the History of Fatahillah, Inscriptions, Joang 45, MH Thamrin, Art and Ceramics, Puppets, Textiles, and also the Site of Si Pitung’s House. Please use JakCard to pay for this historical attraction.

Besides being used for transportation and payment for tourist attractions in Jakarta, the JakCard can also be used for parking payments, food payments at Thamrin 10, tourist canteens, and payments at the Ragunan Zoo.

Thus the information that we can convey regarding the answers to questions about the JakCard card can be used for anything. The existence of a JakCard indeed facilitates various transactions and makes them more practical.

Moreover, the existence of non-cash payments via JakCard makes various payment services more effective and efficient. So we don’t have to bother traveling and visiting around Jakarta. Just one card, all payments are more flexible.

If you don’t have a JakCard, you can visit several places that provide this JakCard starter pack. Usually, the manager is prepared at the entrance counter.

So, please use JakCard to facilitate the payment process in terms of transportation, tourism, and several places to eat that work with this JakCard non-cash smart card. Thank you and hopefully useful.