What does carrier iphone mean

Assalamualikum online friends, see you again with Mimin, this time Mimin will discuss what iPhone carrier is.

Iphone is an apple product that has a variety of interesting features in it. And very popular even for the price itself is quite high.

Although very popular, the iPhone is also not free from the problem of sometimes getting a pop-up notification that says carrier settings update.

Julybe iPhone users have already received this notification. So for those of you who get this notification for the first time, they will definitely feel confused, they will definitely find out what the carrier on the iPhone is.

With this carrier setting, the operator service provider will provide updates to other network settings, to improve the system on this iPhone, especially the 5G network system.

This will allow your cellphone or iPhone network to access the 5G network on your iPhone, and as we all know that the 5G network itself is not widespread, only a few have used this service.

So basically the crrier setting that appears on your iphone is a service to update the network only from 4G can access the 5G network. So don’t worry if there is a notification menu about this carrier setting.

For the iPhone 12 series and 13 series that are present in Indonesia, carry out carrier settings which are useful as updates about being able to use 5G network services and wifi calling.

In other words, you who use an Apple cellphone using a Telkomsel sim. You will get a notification pop up carrier settings, later you will just need to press the update button and wait for it to finish. And if you are successful then you will get a 5G network that can be reached on your cellphone via the iPhone.

Meanwhile, if you have passed the pop up carrier setting inj then you will not be able to get the network to 5G, friend. And to do this you can do it manually.

Here’s a list of how to set the carrier on the iPhone if you want to activate it.

Open the settings or settings section on your iPhone.

Next press the general section menu

Select in the about menu bagian

Next, just select the existing carrier settings menu or the one that appears on the menu.

Click the update menu section to update the network to 5G network

If the update is successful, my friend will get an update or update from 4G to 5G, of course, it will make your internet faster. Even though you already have a 5G network in Indonesia, only a few areas are already using this 5G network.

That’s the discussion about what carrier setting is, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.