What does the tiktok cancel message mean?

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss this recently which is viral on TikTok, namely what is the meaning of the cancel message arrow which is viral on TikTok.

Lately, in the tiktok video, there are a lot of canceled message arrow words that are going viral, of course many are curious about what these words mean.

Tiktok itself is an application for various short videos or short videos, in this tiktok application we can also enjoy various advantages or we can even say that we can generate money from this tiktok.

Besides being able to share our short videos, we can also make money from this tiktok. There are 3 monetization menus for tiktok users who might want to get money from this tiktok, namely marketplace, tiktok shop and gift menu.

Each of the mobetization menus has different functions and you can get all of that on the tiktok application. As an active tiktok user, actually, with our many tiktok followers, we can generate various money from this tiktok.

Even if we live toktok we can also be alive while selling tiktok shop, without us having to have our own goods we can also market tiktok shop products. What’s more, there is also a different gift menu, if tiktok users are fans of us, we can get gifs and these gifs can we exchange it to rupiah of course.

There are so many tiktok features that we can feel if we really like playing tiktok, but lately there are words in a viral tiktok video, namely clicking the arrow, canceling the message, many are curious about these words and what the words mean click the arrow this message cancel?

For the meaning or purpose of the message arrow cancel and copy the link, that is the purpose of the video they want us to share, to our friends, and so that the video is fyp of course.

Well, for those who are curious about the meaning of the word, it has now been answered, isn’t it, so the meaning is that they want the video to be shared for fyp.

That’s the discussion of what the cancel message arrow means which is viral on tiktok. Hopefully it’s useful and thank you.