What does YGY tiktok mean – ABOUT TUTORIAL

Assalamualkum online friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss what YGY means which is viral on TikTok.

In the tiktok application, a lot of words are popping up and even viral, so many words are being searched for about the words in this tiktok. tiktok itself is a social media application that can share our short videos and of course tiktok may not be foreign to us because on average for now tiktok is also a popular application with many users.

As in the previous discussion, the meaning of clicking the message arrow and the viral x is also widely sought after by tiktok users, for those who are curious, you can follow this article if you are curious about YGY words or abbreviations that might make us curious about what the viral YGY means. this tick.

Many words have sprung up on tiktok so that they are viral and many are being searched for the meaning of the viral words.

In the tiktok application, besides being able to upload short videos, we can also do live streaming and can make money on this tiktok. tiktok is also a money-making application with 3 monetization features, namely marketplace creator, titkok shop and gift menu.

That’s why many tiktok users can make millions of rupiah just by playing tiktok videos. For those of you who don’t have the tiktok application, you can get it on the paly store.

And this time we will discuss what YGY means in slang which is currently viral, for the word YGY itself is an abbreviation word that we can interpret, so for YGY it means ‘Yes Gaes Yes” Examples of words that use YGY are as follows;

“Today it’s cloudy YGY” so it can be interpreted “today is cloudy, isn’t it, guys?” Well that’s the meaning of UGY Which is viral on tiktok.

That’s the discussion of what UGY means viral tiktok, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.