What is a Code Generator and How to Use It on Facebook

There is such a thing as a Code Generator in the Facebook application on mobile phones, which on the page displays a combination of numbers that changes every time. And the code shown there is actually a security feature of Facebook.

The security that Facebook provides to each user is actually very tight. Because all incoming activities are always recorded and users will receive notifications via email or cell phone number.

Meanwhile, the existence of this Code Generator, allows users to guard the account is even better. If you still don’t really understand what a Code Generator is, here’s a brief explanation.

What is a Code Generator on Facebook?

It is a security feature that is useful for providing authorization in the form of a code so that users can log into their accounts. This feature can only be used if the user has enabled the two-factor authentication feature.

So there’s no need to wait for an incoming SMS from Facebook, and you can immediately use this code to authorize login from another device.

For example, you are in an internet cafe and want to log into your Facebook account. Of course when you want to enter you will be asked about authentication code this. So you just need to open the phone and check and write the code from the Code Generator option, and after that the Facebook account will be able to open.

How to Use Code Generator

Are you curious to try it? If so, here I will give a little example of the procedure. But before doing so, make sure you have enabled the two-factor authentication feature on Facebook via Arrangement > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

If two-factor authentication is enabled, please follow the procedure for using it below:

  1. Please log in to your Facebook account via another device (eg laptop).

  2. Of course, a dialog will appear asking for an authentication code.

  3. Now please open the Facebook app on your phone and tap on menu Code Generator.

  4. Then the code will appear, please use the code to enter the account.

  5. Done. Now you have successfully logged into your Facebook account.

Simply put, you can use this feature as an alternative if SMS does not come in or there are problems with the Google Authentication application being used. And even you can also open the Code Generator option even in a state offline.

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Why Code Doesn’t Work?

No need to worry if the code you wrote doesn’t work even if it proves to be suitable. This is because the code is not synchronizing properly. Meanwhile, to overcome this will require an internet connection.

Please open the Code Generator feature in the Facebook app. Then tap on options My Code Is Not Working. After that, follow the procedure provided there.

After that try to write down the code that appears on the screen again. Surely now it can be used again and will successfully open the account from another device.

Hopefully useful and good luck