What is a Decorative Work? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe there are decoration lovers who still don’t understand what is meant by decorative works or decorative arts. If so, maybe this article can help get the explanation.

Decorative arts or decorative works are often referred to as ornamental arts. Decorative works are one type of modern art.

Quoting from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, decorative work is a type of art that is related to the design and decoration of objects. For example, decorations on cups, floral motifs on ceramics, paintings on house walls, and batik and others

What is a Decorative Work

Simply put, what is meant by decorative work is to decorate or beautify an object, building, or other object to make it look more beautiful, beautiful, and good.

There are 4 examples of various types of decorative art that we often encounter in everyday life. Whether it’s as a mere display material, or function for certain activities. Among others are:

Kinds of Decorative Artwork

1. Funiture

Furniture is one of the decorative works that is often used for daily activities. These household appliances can also be a medium for decorative arts.

Examples of decorative art from furniture are drawing Jepara carvings on tables or chairs at home, drawing flora and fauna motifs on tables made of marble, or Toraja batik.

Basically, the media for making furniture for a variety of decorative works of art is made of wood, plastic, glass, marble, cloth or other materials. So, these materials are the foundation of decorative works in the furniture sector.

2. Interior design

Various decorative art works can also be applied in the form of room decoration. This is not something new. Because many people use it to beautify the room.

An example of a decorative work in the Interior design sector is making various picture motifs on the walls of the house or in certain rooms.

3. Glassware

Not only furniture and interior design, glassware or objects made of glass can also be a means of decorative art. For example, glass cups in the shape of the Eiffel Tower motif, Petra statues, or others.

In its application, glassware decorative art is no longer a new thing. Because, there have been many big industries that have included this glass art work in their part.

4. Enamelwork

Lastly is Enamelwork. Various works of decorative art applied to the surface of metal objects.

Rarely do we know that there are works of art made of metal. Because the majority of decorative works are made of wood, glass, marble, cloth and so on.

You can make this decorative work by coating a metal surface with vitreous glass. The goal is to create a motif that is bright, shiny and durable.

Thus the information that we can convey related to what is meant by decorative arts. Hopefully a little information above is useful for you, especially for those of you who want to know more about this work of decorative art.