What is Axis Video Quota for? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – Axis prepaid customers, maybe there are still many who are confused about what Axis video quota is for?.

Given the many types of quotas in this provider, maybe some customers are curious about what axis quotas are, their functions, and how to buy them.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a little more about the Axis card’s video quota. So, please read this article to the end to find out more complete information.

What is AXIS Video Quota?

One of the data packages that are still part of the Axis internet family is ‘Video Quota’. In simple terms, Axis video quota is internet data that is specifically used to access certain applications.

There are so many applications that can be used to use this internet data, be it popular applications such as YouTube, Viu, Netflix and so on.

Customers only need to use Axis video internet quota to access some of these applications or content. Later, the video quota will be cut automatically when you use it.

What is Axis Video Quota for?

As we have explained, the Axis provider’s video quota can be used to access certain applications or content. For example, YouTube, Viu, Netflix, Kwai, Nimo TV, Genflix, Sushiroll, and Snack Video.

Customers can use this quota to access a series of applications that we have summarized above. Where, it does not require additional fees to access all these apps.

It’s just that, if you want to access applications outside the ones we mentioned or browse. So, customers need additional regular quota. Because the video quota cannot be used for this purpose.

How to Buy Latest Axis Video Quota

To buy the Axis video internet package, customers cannot buy it directly. This is because this package is a part (bonus) of other Axis internet packages, such as the AXIS Owsem Package, Booster, and so on.

You can buy Owsem Packages or Axis Boosters by buying them on the AXISNet application, or by dial-in the packages that have been provided by Axis for their loyal customers.

If you don’t have the AxisNet application, you can download it for free via the Google Play Store (for Android users) and the App Store (for iOS users). Through this application, you can see the remaining amount of credit and quota without the need to use UMB dial.

How to Use Video Axis Internet Data

For Axis customers who have received this type of quota, you also need to know how to use it.

Keep in mind, Axis video quota cannot be used to access all the applications we mentioned. Only certain applications.

For example, you have an Axis card video quota bonus for Sunshiroll access. Then you can’t use this quota to access YouTube, Snack Video, or other apks besides Sunshiroll. Although the application is included in the category of internet video Axis.

If you want to browse, play Instagram, or stream YouTube, subscribers need additional regular quota, in order to access them.

If you have a regular quota + Axis video and use it to access the Snack Video, Sushiroll, Genflix, Viu, YouTube, Kwai, Netflix, and Nimo TV applications. Will the reduced quota be regular quota or Axis video min?

If at the same time the customer has the main internet quota (regular) and the Axis video quota. So, when you access one of the applications above, usually the quota that will be used first is the AXIS video quota.

However, if the Axis video quota is intended for application A and you use it to access application B, then the main quota will be reduced.

So that’s the information we can convey regarding the Axis card video quota. If a friend of yours asks what Axis video quota is for? So, please answer through the writing we provided above, or send us an ink to this article. Thank you and hopefully useful