What is Instagram’s Flat Lay Angle? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – When users of the Instgaram application scroll through aesthetic photos, reliable photographers. Sometimes the word flat lay angle photography is written in the stories he writes. This also makes the reader frown. And thought ‘What kind of photo is this’.

Consciously or not, most Instagram users have actually seen this type of Flat Lay Angle photo.

It’s just that, because we rarely find people who use this sentence in their photo tagline, it makes some confused and wondering what the point of this flat lay angle ig photo is.

Since we are discussing this friend, below we will provide a little explanation related to these Flat Lay Angle photos. So, for those of you who want to know more about that sentence. Please read this article to the end.

What is Flat Lay Angle Instagram

Flat Lay Angle is a beautiful photo angel or aesthetic which we usually find in social media applications such as Instagram, online marketplace, and smarters.

The hallmark of Flat Lay photos is that objects are placed lying face up and then the camera shoots them from above. So, the image view looks up and down.

In the Instagram application itself, the type of Flat Lay model photo is starting to be popular with domestic photographers. Especially the sellers who promote the goods they sell.

Not only photos, videos also began to use a lot of flat lay angles. Besides being more aesthetic, this type can also be used for food objects or objects collectible.

Even though it looks simple. But it’s not easy, you know, to make Instagramable flat lay angle photography.

Therefore, below we will also provide information about the procedure for making beautiful Flat Lay angle photos. Curious about the steps, please check below:

How to Make Nice Flat Lay Angel Photos

Here are some things you need to know to make Flat Lay photos on Instagram good and beautiful:

Determine the concept and format of the photo.

The first thing you need to do is design the concept and format of the photo that will be taken.

You can use a square or portrait format, adjust the camera angle on Instagram. Please rearrange the concept so that it can fit into the box area or camera portrait later.

In this way users will avoid unnecessary cropping of images when they want to upload photos.

Determining Photo Background

The next thing that needs to be prepared to make a flat lay aesthetic photo is to determine the backdrop.

You can use plain color choices as the background for the photo you want to make. But it would be safer if you wear plain white. Because this color is suitable for any object.

However, that doesn’t mean we forbid patterned photo backgrounds to use a flat lay angle. Please use as you like, the important thing is not to steal the focus from the object of the photo you want to take.

Balanced Composition and Balance

Flat lay angle photo makers also need to consider composition and balance in making photos.

If the photo is in the form of a square (square) with the photo area divided into 3 × 3 straight lines, then the best place is at the meeting point (middle).

If you want to make this thing as center of attentionso feel free to put it in the middle and add a little bit of support.

Make sure there space between objects with one another, and use objects that are related to objects in this one frame.

Adjust Lighting

This is one of the important keys in making Flat Lay photos, namely lighting.

Usually the light effects used in Flat Lay angles are natural or soft lighting.
Excessive sunlight that falls directly on the object of the photo will make the photo sharp and appear shadows.

While the use of lights in the studio makes photos yellowish or lacking in natural terms.

A pretty good place to take this Flat Lay photo is near a window. But still need to avoid direct sun exposure.

Take a photo from a bird’s eye angle

The essence of flat lay photos is the camera angle at the top pointing down alias bird’s eye view. Therefore, use a tool if it is not possible to use this angle.

In addition to a tripod, you can also use a table or chair to get the appropriate height. Please experiment with the height and angle of view of the camera to maximize the image.

That’s the information we can convey related to the flat lay angle of Instagram and how to make photos with this good and beautiful top down angle or bird’s eye view.

Lastly, don’t use filters after the photo is taken. Because it will give a bad impression on the photos. Keep the spirit looking for the right angle and be creative in search of other creative ideas. Thank you and hopefully useful.