What is the Bank BTN Batara Code? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – When someone wants to make a transfer to a Bank BTN bank, he needs to know the bank code first. Well, below we will provide information related to this, namely the BTN bank code and how to use it.

Bank BTN (State Savings Bank) is a government-owned bank that functions not much different from other banks. This government-owned company is one of the state-owned banks with various types of services, namely BTN Batara, Investa, Cermat, e Batara Pos, Champion, and others.

Besides the many types, the facilities from the State Savings Bank are also quite complete. Both about transactions, mortgages, loans, and other financial needs of the community.

Bank BTN Batara Code

The BTN Batara code is a code that you need to make a transfer to the BTN Batara bank. This code is best converted into several digits which you will need to include in the transfer process.

In order for the transaction process to run smoothly, you need to use this special code owned by bank BTN as the money transfer medium you want to do. And the code from the Batara State Savings Bank is: 200.

Please use the Bank BTN code which consists of 3 digits for transfer purposes. Please put it on the front of the code above if you use another bank when making the transfer.

How to Use Bank BTN Batara Code

To use this BTN Batara bank code, users can only do it via ATM transfer. Meanwhile, if you want to curse m-banking media or mobile banking, the code does not need to be included.

So as not to be confused. Below we will provide information on how to use this BTN bank code. Whether it’s through BRI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri and other conventional banks. The method:

  • Please come to the ATM near the house
  • Enter the ATM Card and PIN.
  • Please enter the ‘Transfer’ menu.
  • Next, select ‘Interbank transfer’.
  • In the bank code field + Destination Bank BTN number. please fill in the format like this: ‘200 + destination BTN bank number’.
  • If you have clicked ‘Continue’
  • Enter the desired transfer amount. Then click ‘Continue’
  • Confirm details and don’t forget to send. Done

That way you have successfully made a transfer using the BTN bank code. Congratulations for doing it.

Questions About Batara BTN Code

Here are some questions about this BTN bank code. please check below!

  1. What is the BTN Batara bank code? 200
  2. How to use this BTN bank code? please check the guide above.
  3. Is it possible to transfer from BRI to Bank BTN? Yes, please check the instructions above
  4. How many digits is this BTN bank code? 3
  5. Can transfers be made at any time? Yes, you can do the transfer process within 1×24 hours.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the number of digits of the BTN Batara bank code and how to use it for transfers from other banks. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you.

So, use the Bank BTN code above to simplify the transaction process from other banks. so and hopefully useful.