WhatsApp messages don’t come in if you don’t open the Oppo cellphone? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – OPPO HP users who use WhatsApp, may have experienced the condition that messages entered in the application have no notifications and will be visible when opening it. Even though the condition of the data at that time was alive and the network was good.

The occurrence of WhatsApp messages not entering if the OPPO cellphone is not opened is a dilemma for its users. The reason is, they need to open the application first to be able to see the chats that enter it.

Even this sometimes makes people curious and wonder why the wa message doesn’t come in even though the data is live? What causes this can happen and how to overcome this.

To answer the question of WhatsApp messages not getting in if they are not opened, below we will give some reasons that make this problem occur. Not only the reasons, we will also explain how to overcome this. Here is the complete info.

WhatsApp messages don’t come in if you don’t open Oppo

Chats or messages in WA don’t come in. This doesn’t only happen to OPPO HP users, other HP users like Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, even iPhones can experience this kind of condition.

There are various reasons why wa messages don’t come if they are not opened. Some of these reasons can be influenced by internal and external factors of the WhastApp application. So there may be some speculation which we will describe below.

In addition, the problem of messages not entering the WhatsApp application often occurs on cellphones with low specifications and limited memory. In fact, to open it is sometimes difficult to do. And here are other reasons that make WA not display notifications when a chat comes in.

Causes of WhatsApp messages that don’t come in

There are various things that cause wa messages not to come in, even though the data is active, the network is good, and there is still a lot of quota for streaming and downloading video activities.

There are several indications that chat wa does not enter and is only visible if the user opens the application, including: a lot of application garbage, applications in old versions, or other things.

Therefore, below we will also provide information on how to overcome this. So that the WhatsApp application can return to normal and users do not need to check into the application to see if there are incoming messages or not.

How to Overcome WA Messages Not Entering If Not Opened by HP Oppo

Here are some of our recommended ways to solve WhatsApp problems error message does not come in on OPPO. For more details, please check below.

  • Restart HP: The first trick we recommend is to turn off and turn on the user’s cellphone. By doing this, usually application activities that are running less than optimal will be repaired again, including: error wa this message doesn’t come in.
  • Disable power and data saving mode: when the power and data saving features are active, sometimes it makes some applications not run as usual. WA is no exception. Users need to disable these two features so that the application can run in the background again, and make it normal again.
  • Make sure WA notifications are active: sometimes users of the WhatsApp application accidentally turn off chat or message notifications. Please check whether the notification is active or not by going to the Settings > Notifications section. In the Messages section, make sure the Use High Priority Notifications option is on.
  • Clean junk in the WhatsApp app: sometimes garbage or application cache that accumulates blindly the performance of the WA application is not optimal. Therefore, please clean the WA application first. How: Go to HP Settings > Find the Applications section > Find the WhatsApp application, then just clear the Cache.
  • Reset WA preferences: You can also reset your statistics or preferences in the WhatsApp application. Julybe because you store too much chat data, documents, photos, songs, videos with low memory capacity, making wa not enter even though the data is alive. How: go to Settings > Storage and Data > Network Usage and click Reset Statistics.
  • Update and re-login the WhatsApp app: if all the suggestions above still can’t make the whatsapp application message not enter if it is not opened on the OPPO cellphone, you can use this one trick, namely delete the WA application, and download it again with the latest version. After that login using the old WA account. then most likely the problem above will be solved.

Notes: Make sure your WA number is still active, and users regularly back up data so that it can be backed up properly.

The emergence of problems experienced by WhatsApp users, especially messages that do not appear and we need to open this application, is experienced by old HP users with limited or small memory capacity.

This WA error problem also often occurs when the application is not running behind the scenes.
Therefore, make sure that the WhatsApp application runs well on your cellphone and there is nothing that causes the world’s popular chat application to experience problems in its activities.

That’s the information we can convey regarding messages or wa chats that don’t enter if they are not opened on all Android or Iphone cellphones. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for people who experience this condition. That’s all and good luck.