When will Meatball Simulator Release? Read the information

Portalsitaro.com – For those who have been waiting for the news of the release of the Meatball Simulator game. must have been curious about the release date of this game made by Andy Lukito.

Android HP users, maybe you can’t wait to be able to play this mobile meatball trading simulation game. However, I don’t know about the schedule for this Meatball Simulator game to be released in the market.

Well, below we will provide information about when will the meatball simulator game be released? Is it tomorrow? Or still waiting for Andy Lukito as a game developer to perfect his work. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

When will Meatball Simulator Release?

Until this article was written, there has been no official news regarding when the Bakso Simulator game will be released to the market. Because, Andy Lukito has not conveyed further information through the official website or social media applications.

Now, fans of Andy Lukito’s works only see reviews of Bakso Smulator on his YouTube channel. Please look at his official YT channel to find out the plot and pictures of this Bakso Simulator game.

On the official website, we received information that the Bakso Simulator is still under development. Julybe until you get good quality and gameplay, Andy Lukito will release it.

In addition, the author’s personal opinion is that maybe the first release of Bakso Simulator will have many obstacles, such as bugs, standard graphics, and few features. So, please understand when this game is released in the market.

Indonesian Meatball Simulator Review

Meatball Simulator is a simulation game by Andy lukito. In this game, players will act as meatball traders from the start of running a business to making sales sell to people.

Just like a meatball seller, players need to make meatballs, go around selling food, and make strategies to make your merchandise sell well. Therefore, prospective players need to set a sales strategy when playing this game.

The last information we got from watching Andy Lukito’s YouTube channel himself was the character Sarah, which players may have seen in internet cafes, as well as the character of pocong, security guard, thief, as new characters.

That’s the info that we can share regarding the question of when the Indonesian meatball simulator will be released and can be played by domestic gamers. Julybe after reading the article above the reader is a bit disappointed because this game can’t be downloaded for now.

However, you don’t need to worry because Andy Lukito as the game maker will definitely release this Indonesian Meatball Simulator game. Because in one of the contents he revealed that this game is almost finished.

So, please wait for the release of this game while viewing the latest information about this game through Andy lukito’s official website and his YouTube channel. Thank you and hopefully useful.