Where is Ciracas DC Shopee? This is the location

Portalsitaro.com – When Shopee users use the Shopee Express expedition service and check the receipt number, sometimes we see a notification ‘the package has arrived at the Ciracas DC transit warehouse’.

Even this sometimes makes people wonder, where is Ciracas DC located? And why do the purchased goods need to pass through the transit warehouse?

To find out more information related to the question, where is the location of Ciracas dc shopee? And the purpose of this transit activity. Below we will give a little explanation.

Ciracas DC Shopee

Ciracas DC Shopee is an area, more precisely a warehouse where goods are sorted from sellers. The DC Shopee warehouse in Ciracas serves as a place for the process of sorting or grouping packages according to the destination area.

There is a grouping process through the warehouse distributor center (DC) This Ciracas makes the package/goods will be easily sent to the destination area or the buyer’s hometown. And make it easier for the expedition to send the package.

So, the purpose of the notification that the package has arrived at the Ciracas DC transit warehouse is that the goods you purchased have entered the sorting process, and will then be sent to the buyer’s hometown. Also Read: Shopee Express Package Not Moving? This is the cause

Where is Ciracas DC Shopee located?

For those of you who are curious about the location of DC Ciracas which is often seen on the package status via the receipt number you enter, here we will provide location information for you.

Ciracas distributor center Shopee, actually located in East Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. More precisely, it is on Jl. Buaran in I NO. 87, Klender, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta City DKI Jakarta, 13470, Indonesia.

You can get a route to the DC Ciracas Shopee warehouse location where you can sort goods using Google Maps or other applications that give users access to get the warehouse destination address.

So, now you know where Ciracas DC Shopee is located. Please visit to find out the package sorting activities in this warehouse located in East Jakarta.

How long does the sorting process take at Ciracas DC

Usually packages that go through the sorting process at the Ciracas DC warehouse will be held for approximately 1 day. However, this can also be affected by the volume of the same number of packages in one region or city.

The more packages that have the same area, the faster the packages will leave the Shopee sorting center in Ciracas. Vice versa.

To find out where your package is, please check using the receipt number provided by the seller, through the transactions you made in this Shopee marketplace application. so that, as buyers, we don’t have to worry about the things we bought before.

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That’s the information we can convey related to the question Ciracas DC where? And also the location. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for you, especially for people who don’t know the location of Ciracas DC where this Shopee application package shortener is. Thank you and hopefully useful.