Which Scar Megalodon Vs AK-47 Weapon is Good? Here’s the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe the question of which scar Vs AK-47 is better is quite a complicated thing to answer. Especially for novice players in the Free Fire game who don’t know the ins and outs of using these two weapons properly.

New FF game players may find it difficult to distinguish the type of weapon that is good to use as the main weapon. The reason is, the average new player only focuses on battle without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the weapon he uses.

In fact, in the Free Fire game made by GARENA, there are various weapons that have more points in various conditions, for example the Megalodon or AK-47 scar weapon which we will discuss this time.

Scar Vs AK-47 Which is Good?

Below, we will briefly explain the comparison between Scar and Ak-47 type weapons. Which of these two enemy predators is faster, more precise, and accurate when dealing with enemies.

As we know, these rifle-type weapons are almost similar in various aspects, I don’t know damage, range, magazine, rate of fire, reload speed and accuracy-his. Therefore, many may find it difficult to see the differences in their respective weapons.

However, each weapon must have its own advantages and disadvantages that are not known to each individual player of this Garena Free Fire game. Therefore, here we will discuss thoroughly related to this Scar versus AK-47.

However, before going to the topic of discussion, it would be nice for you to know the details of these two rifle weapons. Both weapons are often used by FF players in every battle. Also Read: How to Get Season Of Love Free Fire Surfboard Items

Comparison of Scar Megalodon vs AK-47 Free Fire Weapons

The following is a detailed comparison of the Scar vs AK-47 weapon, both in terms of damage, speed: reloadaccuracy and so on.

1. Scar Weapon Details

  • Damage : 53
  • Range : 60
  • Magazines : 30
  • Rate Of Fire : 61
  • Reload Speed ​​: 41
  • Accuracy : 42
  • AK-47 Senjata

2. AK-47 Weapon Details

  • Damage : 61
  • Range : 72
  • Magazines : 30
  • Rate Of Fire : 56
  • Reload Speed ​​: 41
  • Accuracy : 41

After looking at the data of the listed values, it might be quite difficult to see the difference between the two weapons. Even when players wear them, they will not be aware of each other.

A little info, there are differences between Scar Vs Ak-47 weapons. Where, the Ak-47 has an additional attack value in the form of stock. This stock serves to increase the stability of long-range shooting accuracy and movement speed.

As for the Megalodon scar, it can be said to be superior at medium or close distances compared to its competitors. Because, the sound of gunfire from this weapon is heard farther away than the Ak-47.

So it can be said that the Ak-47 is superior in long-range shooting. While the scar is more suitable for players who often like close combat. However, all of the above also depends on who the “pilot” is.

So the use of these two weapons also needs to be taken into account. If you’re the type of player who likes to attack indiscriminate or close and medium range war, Scar might be more recommended by us.

Meanwhile, if you are a long-distance type of player. So we recommend the AK-47 weapon. You also need to consider backup weapons with close types such as MP40 or Shotguns to anticipate melee attacks.

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That’s the information we can convey about the advantages and disadvantages of this scar vs AK-47 weapon. Hopefully with a little info above, it will be easier for you to use these two rifle weapons.