Which ShopeePay Number? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – When you want to top up your balance, sometimes users don’t know which shopeepay number is? So that the shopee application to-up activity becomes constrained.

Many of the Shopee application users don’t know where the ShopeePay number is located, because many new users do top up their balance to ShopeePay.

Well, before knowing where the ShopeePay number is located, below we will provide an explanation related to the ‘Shopee Pay Number’ first. So, Shopee application users understand the meaning of these words.

What is ShopeePay Number

ShopeePay number is a number virtual account in the Shopee application. Users can find this number if they want to top up their ShopeePay balance or make other transactions.

The average Shopee application user thinks that the Shopee Pay number is the same as the cellphone number. In fact, the Shopeepay number is slightly different from the number he listed in the Shopee application.

The Shopeepay number that we mean here is more specific to the transaction number, rather than the HP number. So, if there is a question like ‘is the shopeepay number the same as the cellphone number?’ then please answer NO.

Because, this ShopeePay number is used for transactions between the Shopee application and its partners, not between sellers and buyers.

Then, where is the Shopee Pay number, min? Well, below we will provide the location for the Shopee Pay transaction number that you want to know.

How to View Shopee Pay Number

Here is a little guide that we can provide regarding the ShopeePay number, see where. So that users know this shopeepay transaction no.

  • First, please open a Shopee application account on your Android or iPhone.
  • On the homepage of the application, please press ‘Fill in ShopeePay’.
  • When you have entered the shopeepay page, click the ‘Fill Balance’ option again
  • In this section you will find various methods of choosing to top up or top up ShopeePay. which includes Bank Transfer, Alfamidi, and so on. Please select one of the options above.

In this guide to see the Shopee Pay number, we will provide an example via Bank Transfer. So, feel free to adjust according to your choice.

When you choose bank transfer, there will be several choices of the bank to go to. Click only one bank.

  • If you have clicked ‘Confirm’.
  • At this stage the user will see the shopeepay va (virtual account) number from the bank you choose, whether it’s BCA, Mandiri, BRI and so on.
  • The Shopee Pay number consists of 16 digits, of which the first 4 digits are ‘VA Bank Number’ and the other 12 digits are ‘ShopeePay Number’.

Example 8807 00815985 4868 (8807 is Bank Number, and 00815985 4868 is ShopeePay Number)

That means the ShopeePay number means our cellphone number, bro?

You could say yes, but also no. Because the shopee pay va number has an additional number from the number we listed in the Shopee application.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the question which ShopeePay number is. Hopefully the little info we convey is useful for those of you who want to know where this Shopee Pay no is located.

Please note that the actual ShopeePay number is the mobile number registered in the Shopee application. However, there are several additional numbers that make it possible to use it for transactions on ShopeePay. So, please follow the steps above to find out the location of this ShopeePay no va. Thank you and hopefully useful.