Why can’t Alight Motion be exported? This is the answer

Portalsitaro.com – Sometimes alight motion application users can’t export. In fact, previously I could use it easily without an error, I couldn’t export like this.

Even this sometimes makes people wonder why alight motion can’t be exported? Is the application experiencing a system error or is there a bug that attacks the video editing application that is used by many editors lately.

Well, below we will provide a brief explanation of the reasons why AM cannot be exported. For that, please read this article to the end to find out the complete information.

Why can’t Alight Motion be exported?

When AM users have edited videos, of course they will feel annoyed if they can’t export videos. This incident often afflicts Alight Motion apk users who want to export videos that they struggle to edit.

So, what exactly causes alight motion not to export video? and how to solve it?

There are several factors that cause alight motion video export to fail. Whether it’s internal factors or external factors. For example, memory is almost full, there is a bug in the AM application, or too many add effect or beat on presets.

Well, below we will also provide information on how to overcome alight motion unable to export your edited video. So, an incident like this will not happen again. Check out the complete information.

How to Overcome Alight Motion Video Cannot Export

Here are the things you need to do when the AM video export process doesn’t run smoothly. Among others are:

Set the video resolution by adjusting the HP capacity

When the user is about to export a video in alight motion, they will be asked to set the video resolution beforehand.

As we know, each android mobile device has different specs and capabilities.

If your cellphone is not strong enough to export 1080p quality videos, please lower it to 720p. Lower it until the AM video export process is successful.

Storage memory is not full

When you want to export AM video, make sure that the internal and external memory where the video is located has enough free space.

The reason is very clear. When memory is almost full, the application usually does not respond in certain features, maybe the export video feature is one of them.

Therefore, provide enough memory to accommodate 2-3 videos. So that video export activities are not constrained by any thing.

Clear cache alight motion and update the app

Cache or junk that is left too often may be the reason why alight motion can’t export files.

Please optimize AM by regularly cleaning application trash, so that bugs and apk errors don’t prevent you from using this popular video editing application on the Google Play Store.

After the application is clean, you also need to update the alight motion video editor application. Julybe a bug in the old version of the application disrupted the video export process.

Put too many effects and beats in preset

For some mobile devices, especially the older ones. The use of many effects or beats sometimes makes the HP too hot (too hard working). Usually this affects the performance of the HP or the applications used.

So, make a good video according to the capabilities of the HP you are using. To avoid errors or failures when exporting videos, use effects and beats as needed.

Bei running RAM space

Finally, the advice we give is to free up the RAM of the cellphone. The reason is, we have encountered many HP users, especially children or adults who do not pay much attention to their number.

For example on the use of applications that are still active in the background. Sometimes someone forgets to stop the application in the background of the cellphone. So the application is still running.

This is actually not a problem for HP RAM above 4GB. However, if there is below. There may be effects arising from saving too many working applications.

That’s the reason why AM can’t export video, as well as various methods for dealing with it. Of the many reasons we have mentioned, one of the most common reasons why this can happen is the video resolution is too high and the storage memory is insufficient.

So, keep these two factors safe when you use this AM application so that when the process of exporting videos runs, the application can handle it. Thank you and hopefully useful.