Why Can’t I Delete Cart Items in Shopee? This is the reason

Portalsitaro.com – A classic problem that Shopee app users sometimes encounter is that the Shopee cart cannot be deleted. This non-deletable cart event is often experienced by users who want to delete their shopping list.

In the Shopee application, users can enter the items they want to buy into the cart. This feature makes it easier for users to mark items the next time they want to buy them.

But sometimes potential buyers just enter it, thus making the Shopee basket full. Automatically we need to delete products or items that we have marked if we want to use this feature again.

Well, below we will provide information about why the items in the Shopee basket cannot be deleted. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the full details.

Why Items in the Basket on Shopee can’t be deleted

When users find a good item sometimes we tend to want to add it to the cart. Its purpose is as a storage option if one day you want to buy the item. Also Read: Why Shopee Account Signs Out Alone?

Often we meet someone who often enters the cart in the Shopee application without buying it, so it fills up quickly. Therefore, if you want to use it again, you need to remove the items in the basket so that it doesn’t interfere.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Shopee application experiences errors, where the user cannot delete the items in the cart. Therefore, many people ask why the Shopee cart can’t be deleted? And how to solve it.

There are many factors that affect cart errors on Shopee, both internal and external factors. Here are some things that cause items in the basket that cannot be removed, including:

  • The system is still having problems, whether there is a bug or an application update
  • The full Shopee app cache affects the performance of the features in it, including the Shopee cart
  • Still using the old version of the application, Errors such as the basket cannot be deleted can appear if you use an old version of the apk that is no longer compatible with the current version.
  • The network is having problems or poor connectivity that affects the performance of the Shopee application along with the services in it.

How to Overcome Items in the Shopee Basket Cannot be Deleted

Here are the things you need to do when you find a product that is already in the Shopee cart cannot be deleted. Julybe by doing some of the things below error shopee in this cart feature can be reused.

  • Update the Shopee application to the latest version.
  • Clear Shopee cache in the following way: Settings > Application Management > Application List > Shopee > Storage Usage > Clear Cache.
  • Use a stable network in your area. The alternative we most recommend is sharing a neighbor’s wifi or a friend’s hotspot.
  • Finally, please contact Shopee CS and ask the party customer service about this. You can use the live chat feature in the Shopee application or through social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter to get a faster response.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding why items in the shopee basket cannot be deleted. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you.

Error items in the basket cannot be deleted one by one or all of this is often experienced by Shopee application users. So, if you find this, don’t panic and use the method above so that the problem can be resolved. Thank you and hopefully useful.