Why can’t ShopeePay be used even though the balance is sufficient? This is the reason

Portalsitaro.com – The incident that ShopeePay cannot be used even though the balance is sufficient sometimes makes users confused. Because this payment method provides convenience and benefits for Shopee users.

ShopeePay is a digital money wallet specifically operated within the Shopee application. Where, the function of digital money is not much different from e-money OVO, DANA, or Gopay.

You can use Shopee Pay balance to shop on the Shopee application. As for the seller himself, this digital money can be used as a container or transaction tool at Shopee. So, users can withdraw it at any time to their respective bank accounts.

From the explanation above, Shopee users may already know what the function of ShopeePay itself is. In particular, when using it to buy goods to the in-app store marketplace this leading.

Why ShopeePay Can’t Be Used Even though the Balance is Enough

The problem occurs when the user’s Shopee Pay balance cannot be used for shopping at Shopee. Even though the balance is still sufficient, you can even say more to buy the desired item.

At first glance, users might be wondering, why can’t ShopeePay be used even though the balance is sufficient? Why can’t Shopee Pay be used?

To answer the two questions above, which makes users disappointed because there is still a lot of Shopee Pay balance but cannot be used. Below we will give reasons why this can happen.

Reason 1. User Forgot ShopeePay PIN

For the sake of customer account security, Shopee enforces a security key or PIN on the user’s ShopeePay account.

Well, when you enter your Shopee Pay PIN, you may be wrong or forget it, which makes the payment unable to continue even though the balance is sufficient and even more.

The solution is that users need to remember your ShopeePay account PIN so that this problem of not being able to shop can be resolved quickly.

Reason 2. The Store Doesn’t Provide Shopeepay Payment Method

Not all shops support using the Shopee Pay payment method. You can see several alternatives to pay to the store that you want to buy when you do it checkout.

When it is checkout If the ShopeePay item and payment method do not appear, it can be ascertained that the online shop at Shopee does not support the ShopeePay payment method. So please go to other stores to buy similar products.

Reason 3. Shopee Application Is Having Problems (Error)

The last reason is maybe the Shopee application is experiencing problems such as server or network errors. So you can’t use ShopeePay even though the funds are more than enough.

You can check it by asking friends who often shop at this Shopee marketplace. In addition, users can also ask Shopee CS to solve the problem of not being able to use Shopee Pay even though the balance is still there.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the issue of why ShopeePay can’t be used even though there is enough credit. Hopefully the little info above gives you a reason why this might be. Thank you and hopefully useful.