Why do zombies have to attack together? Here’s the reason

Portalsitaro.com – Zombies are often known as mystical creatures who like to hunt and eat human flesh. But, do you know why zombies have to attack together?

The term Zombie is often referred to by people with a corpse that comes back to life. Zombies, many are described as undead who can’t think and rely on lust to prey on mere humans.

In addition, zombies often appear in films with the horror, action, or even comedy genres. In the storyline, you must know that zombies often attack in groups, right?.

But why is that so? Do you think, why do zombies like to attack together? Are you afraid to be invited by one?

Instead of being curious, let’s look at the row of reasons why these living creatures like to attack this crowd.

Why do zombies have to attack together?

The first reason why zombies must attack when they are busy is because they are not zombies a play on (single).

This is indeed a bit unrelated to the context above, because this is an answer to a crossword puzzle game. So, it’s a bit inappropriate when referring to films with zombie themes that we see as we watch.

OK, back to the main topic. To find out the reason why zombies attack frequently.

1. The number of people affected by the virus is too much in an area

Yep, as you can see in movies with zombie stories, there are a lot of people affected by the virus from zombie attacks. The number is growing very rapidly, thus affecting his hunting instincts.

In essence, the more humans that turn into zombies, the more the undead will hunt humans together.

2. If you attack yourself, you will die quickly

The second reason was that if they attacked the human himself then he would most likely die quickly. Moreover, humans still have brains and weapons that can kill zombies at any time.

In addition, zombies do not have special powers to attack humans. He only relies on hunting instincts and brave determination to deal with humans who still have intelligence. So, if you own it, it’s probably dead quickly.

3. Kissing the same prey

Living humans are the main food for zombies, unless the humans are infected but do not become zombies. So, when the zombies smell the same human near them they will savagely attack them.

Please note, by smelling the scent of their prey in the same direction, the zombies can quickly head towards the scent. This is what causes us to think that zombies often attack together.

In fact, it just so happened that they smelled the scent of prey in the same direction. So that even the zombie zombies seem to attack humans in groups or in groups.

4. Zombies hunt using animal instincts

As we explained above, zombies rely on instinct to hunt humans. They are not afraid of guns, bombs, or anything that usually makes humans dare to shrink when faced with these weapons.

Like animals, zombies rely on human scent, instinct not to be afraid of anything (don’t think rationally), or more often to live in groups. So, that’s why zombies look more like animals than humans.

That’s the information we can convey regarding why zombies must attack when they attack together. How are you guys, does it make sense? if you have other reasons, tell them in the comments column yes!