Why Flip No Admin Fee? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – Flip users may still be confused about the flip service which eliminates transactions for every transaction made by its users. In fact, in some other applications, it is rare for anyone to make such a policy.

Even so, the Flip application really provides free transfer access without admin fees with terms and conditions applied. So, it doesn’t mean that no matter how many transactions we make, we get the option of free admin fees.

Well, below we will mention a little about why there is no admin fee for the Flip application and explain a few things related to this free adm service. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the detailed information.

Why Flip No Admin Fee?

As a bridge for interbank transactions, Flip makes it easier for users to transfer between banks that work with this application.

Users only need to make a transfer to the same Flip account as your bank, then they will forward it to the destination account. Short transfer method: Type of bank you have > Flip app > Destination bank.

Keep in mind, Flip can’t make debits automatically. Therefore, users need to transfer to a Flip account first through the various options available, for example ATM/SMS Banking/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking from the type of bank you have.

Because the transfer scheme is the same, namely to other banks. Then there is no admin fee for the transactions made. However, not all transactions are free of admin fees. There are several conditions imposed by Flip for this admin-free service.

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Users need to make a minimum transaction of Rp. 10.000.00, – with a maximum transfer of 5 million rupiah per day. As for if you have exceeded the maximum quota limit for the transfer. Then Flip will charge 2500/transaction (not per day).

What is the maximum transfer limit, min?

Quoted from the official Flip.id page. the flip side imposes a maximum daily transfer limit of 20,000,000. So, users can make transfers to other banks or digital money with the maximum amount.

The maximum amount per month. Until this article was made, Flip has not determined the amount. So, we cannot provide further information regarding this matter.

For more information on flip transfer limits, we have discussed it in the previous article. Please read through the link above to find out the full details.

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That’s the information we can share regarding the question of why Flip doesn’t charge admin fees. Now, you already know the reason why flip party enforces this free admin fee.

If there are further questions related to this issue. please ask through the comments column that we have provided below. Thank you and hopefully useful.