Why GTK Info Can’t Be Opened? This is the reason

Portalsitaro.com – For teachers who want to carry out the certification disbursement process, they may wonder why the gtk info cannot be opened.

This problem often occurs when teachers want to log in to an account on the website provided by the government.

To support the disbursement of certification activities, the GTK 202 Info page should be easily accessible by teachers in the country.

However, there was a problem that the website managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture could not be opened for some reason.
So, why can’t the gtk info be opened? Is there an error in this government site?

To find out, below we have provided info related to this GTK Info. The rest, please see the explanation!

What is GTK Info?

GTK info is a site provided by the Indonesian government under the Ministry of Education and Culture as a means of education in the country.

Through this GTK Info, teachers can monitor the data from the verification results that have been inputted into Dapodit.

The purpose of this input activity is so that they know that the data previously provided through the Dapodik application is the same as what was inputted by Dapodik.

Because, the results of the Dapodik team’s verification will be used as reference material for the Ministry of Education and Culture in the process of disbursing the teacher’s certification.

How to Login GTK Info

To be able to log in to an account from this official website, you need to enter the GTK Info url link first. More details, please follow the steps below.

  • Open your flagship browser.
  • Please copy the following link: https://info.gtk.kemdikbud.go.id
  • Paste it in the Google search field.
  • After the link is loaded, you will be directed to the info.gtk.kemdikbud account login page.
  • Please select ‘Direct Login to GTK’ to start logging into your account.
  • Don’t forget to enter the info.gtk account and password that the teachers got from Dapodik.
  • Done.

Well, at the time of logging in via the site above. many teachers have failed to login to this Dapodik GTK Info page. This is certainly troubling, because teachers cannot check their verification data on the kemdikbud.go.id page.

So, what causes GTK info can’t be opened, min? is there a solution?

Well, below, we will give a reason why the Ministry of Education and Culture’s gtk info web cannot be accessed. So, the teachers can know the reason behind this incident.

The Reason Why GTK Info Can’t Be Opened

Server Down or Error

When a lot of users enter a particular site in a relatively short time span. If the web is not able to accommodate it then what happens is a down server.

This user overload incident often happens. Especially on government websites that are rarely managed properly. As a result, when the number of users is too many the server will be down and users fail to login on this GTK Info site.

Bad Internet Network

To access certain sites, such as government. Teachers need to use a stable internet network.

Why does it have to be stable?

If the signal conditions are unstable, and there are many users who enter the web, of course access will be denied. This causes the gtk.kemdikbud account to fail to login.

Wrong Password Entered

Finally, the classic reason that often occurs when you can’t log in GTK Info is that teachers enter the wrong password or account password.

This inaccuracy in entering the password obtained from Dapodik is what makes users fail to access the Ministry of Education and Culture’s web.

So, please be careful in entering the account, both username and password so that teachers can open this GTK Info.

Usually, it’s the random, unique set of characters that makes passwords hard to remember. Please re-check the Dapodik password that you previously entered.

That’s the information we can convey regarding why GTK info can’t be opened. Hopefully users understand and are able to find a way out of the information we have shared. Thank you and hopefully useful.