Why HP Hotspot Can’t Connect to Laptop? This is the reason

Portalsitaro.com – The HP hotspot can’t connect to the laptop is generally caused by the network or a problem with the electronic device that is being used. so that tathering activities cannot be carried out.

Hotspot is the best alternative for sharing an internet connection when someone doesn’t have data access for browsing, streaming, or downloading files. The existence of this feature is quite clear to help someone’s activities.

Now, the hotspot feature can be used for various devices, from cellphones to cellphones and other electronic devices such as laptops and computers. To connect it is also easy, we only need to find the network name and enter the password from the hotspot.

So, why can’t the HP hotspot connect to the laptop? both those who use windows 7, 10, 11 or others. Is there a reason that makes the hotspot thing on Android or iPhone so it doesn’t connect?. Here’s the explanation.

Why HP Hotspot Can’t Connect to Laptop

Sometimes the hotspot on the cellphone may not be able to connect to the laptop. Of course, there must be something behind this problem. And here are the reasons why the Android or iPhone HP hotspot can’t connect to the laptop:

  • Internet network name and hotspot password changed.
  • Hotspot not detected on laptop WiFi network
  • There is a problem with the HP internet network.
  • The hotspot network is set to private or includes only a few users.
  • The reach of the HP hotspot is too far so it doesn’t reach the laptop.

That’s a row of reasons why hotspots on HP Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, can’t connect on a laptop. Please find out which reason makes the HP hotspot feature unable to run.

How to Overcome HP Hotspot Can’t Connect to Laptop

For those of you who are having a hotspot problem not connecting to a laptop, here are things you can try to solve a HP hotspot that can’t connect to a 2022 laptop. Check this out…

  • Make sure that the cellphone signal for the hotspot is not bad.
  • Make sure the laptop can pick up the signal from the HP hotspot process.
  • Make sure the network name and password for the HP hotspot are correct.
  • Make sure the network can enter Asus, Samsung, Lenovo or other laptops.

If everything is done but there are still problems in accessing the HP hotspot to the laptop. Please follow the steps below to resolve it.

  1. Please go to Settings on your laptop.
  2. Then, click the ‘Update and Security’ option, then select ‘Troubleshoot’.
  3. After entering this menu, click the ‘Internet Connections Troubleshooter’ option. Then click the ‘Run This Troubleshooter’ menu button.
  4. If so, save the settings changes that have been made.
  5. At this stage you just have to restart the laptop. This needs to be done to fix errors that occur on the WiFi network.
  6. Wait a few moments until the laptop turns on. When it can be used, please reconnect the cellphone hotspot to the laptop. Done

That’s the information we can convey regarding the reasons why the Android or iPhone HP hotspot can’t connect to the laptop. Please see the causes or factors that suggest your mobile device cannot enter the laptop. If you have found the reason, please use one of the tricks above to make it reconnect. Thank you and hopefully useful.