Why is Akulaku Old Loan Verification? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – Users of the Akulaku online loan application may be experiencing problems when verifying the old Akulaku loan. And don’t know how to solve it.

Actually, many factors affect why Akulaku verification takes so long, whether it’s from the application manager, too many users, or the Akulaku apk that you are using is an old version.

Well, below will provide a brief explanation related to this problem, namely why the verification of Akulaku’s online loan is long and how long the verification process needs to wait for borrowers. Here is the detailed information.

How Long Does the Akulaku Verification Process Take?

Quoted from page akulaku.com the verification process for borrowing funds at Akulaku actually does not take long. Because, users only need to wait within 1×24 hours.

If we observe, the time of day for verification in Akulaku is actually not too long. In fact, we can say quite briefly. So, please wait for the specified time to get an account and be able to use it immediately.

If the application is approved, the borrower will receive a credit or loan according to the nominal submitted. But if the loan application is rejected, Akulaku will also send the cancellation of the proposed installment.

Many Akulaku users complain that they feel the verification process takes a long time. In fact, they have been waiting for a day and a night to be able to pass the verification in this Akulaku application.

This also makes some users wonder, why did Akulaku verification take so long? Even though you have been waiting according to this loan application policy?. Instead of being curious about it, let’s see the explanation below.

Why is My Akulaku Verification Old?

After the Akulaku verification list, there are still many users who have not passed the verification as well. Of course, the occurrence of this old Akulaku verification problem is due to various factors. And here are some of the reasons.

  • Many Akulaku users applied simultaneously
  • Incorrectly entering mobile number or email
  • My system is problematic

Those are some of the reasons behind the verification activities in the old Akulaku. Perhaps one of the reasons above makes the borrowing process take a long time.

What To Do If My Akulaku Verification Is Old?

For those of you who are still confused about what to do if it takes more than 1×24 hours to verify Akulaku, there is no approval whether or not the credit submitted is accepted. Please wait until Akulaku gives news.

Check the status of the submission periodically to find out whether the submission process is accepted or not. Please check the information center section to see the results provided by the Akulaku Indonesia review team.

If your application is rejected, please re-apply by correcting any data that is incorrect or incomplete. For example in the phone number, email, or others.

However, if the problem lies with many users who apply for credit or the Akulaku system is in trouble. Please wait for the application to normalize to see the final results in the process of waiting for the verification results in this Akulaku.